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Lrp Network Monitor

Lrp Network Monitor is an applet/application that displays information about network devices on a Linux router. This information can be displayed either in plain text, or in graphical format (either bar-charts, line-charts, or a histogram). It also displays the status (online/offline) of ISDN-devices, and can trigger actions like dial or hangup.


Recent releases

  •  09 Sep 2001 22:26

    Release Notes: A race condition in the applet has been fixed. The data handling code in the controls has been reworked. A bug with the "alignment" parameter has been fixed. The Applet/Application now reconnects automatically. There is a new DEVx_PERCENT parameter which will interpret the data as a percentage.

    •  08 Sep 2001 01:32

      Release Notes: A fix for a bug in LrpStatApplet that prevented the -v switch from working properly, a new parameter DEVx_DONT_NORMALIZE so values will not be normalized to "values per second", a new parameter DEVx_ABSOLUTE so the value itself rather than the change from the previous value will be displayed, and new parameters DEVx_IN_CAPTION and DEVx_OUT_CAPTION so the user can specify the strings to be drawn in the legend and in the status bar.

      •  23 Jun 2001 08:05

        Release Notes: Completely new server component in C, and new component double histogram view. CPU usage can now be displayed, and display of ISDN-status. Also added timestamps for data packets, actions now run in their own thread, the timespan between measurements of the server component can be configured via command-line parameter. Profiling/optimizations and bugfixes.

        •  11 Feb 2001 21:52

          Release Notes: A fix for a rather serious memory leak in the server side C-program (note: the shell script was not affected). The applet can also be run as a Java application. Many new parameters were added to make the applet/application more customizable.

          •  18 Dec 2000 22:54

            Release Notes: New parameters (autoscale, offset), an optional C replacement for the server side script was introduced (experimental), and the font of the status line was adjusted so the status line is easier to read using Linux.


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