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lpr-bash is a replacement for the "lpr" command found in lpr(ng), CUPS, and other Unix printing systems. It is implemented as a shell script. Originally designed to run on LinuxFromScratch, and later ported to gentoo, it should work with virtually any flavor of Linux or Unix, and maybe even Mac OS X.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Nov 2005 16:29

    Release Notes: Two nasty bugs were fixed in local printing, ebuild, printcap-convert, and unwanted output to stdout. The print group was changed to lp for gentoo conformity. (un)lockprinter commands were added. The install script was changed to use portage on gentoo systems. A Web page was added to the standard documentation. The package now unpacks into a subdirectory.

    •  19 Nov 2005 20:57

      Release Notes: This is a complete rewrite. A single script is now used for lpr, lprm, lpq, lpstat, etc. The size was reduced by about half. lpq and lprm have finally become useful, especially when using preview. The printcap format was changed to a subset of the standard format. lpr is now nonblocking. Locking was improved. Syslog(-ng) is used by default. Exit codes were implemented. The ability to test a printer with a prototype test page was added.

      •  13 Sep 2005 16:03

        Release Notes: Gentoo compatibility was added. Bugfixes were made. More documents were written.

        •  08 Nov 2004 01:22

          Release Notes: This release features a printerline script to generate printcap lines, better documentation, lock file handling to prevent two apps from printing at the same time, lpq, lprm, and lpstat commands, some bugfixes, and better application compatibility.

          •  18 Oct 2004 15:56

            Release Notes: The preview is now usable. Italian i18n was added. Important fixes were made.


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