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LordsAWar! is a turn-based strategy game where up to 8 players strive for control of as many cities as possible. New armies can be produced in cities to conquer nearby cities to gain more income to make more armies to take more cities. You can also send a hero to a temple to get a quest or maybe search a nearby ruin instead.

Recent releases

  •  16 Mar 2011 16:55

    Release Notes: Revamped network play. A "game-list server" so that game servers can advertise games on the Internet. A "game-host server" so that clients can start their game on another computer. New graphics for the default terrain. No longer shows enemy vectoring when the game option "see enemy production" is turned on. Heroes dying at a ruin now drop their bag of stuff. The search button was incorrectly enabled on newly loaded games. This release locks access to other buttons while stacks are moving. There are many more fixes.

    •  08 Jul 2010 14:03

      Release Notes: The game AI was improved some more. CTRL+double-click was added to send stacks to a destination of the previously moved stack. Two fun new items that can be "used" were made. Better bridge and fog artwork were added. "File->save a copy" can now be done in the editors. A dialog was added to edit the miniature map in the scenario editor. A dialog was added to organize tilestyles in the tileset editor.

      •  08 Mar 2010 13:29

        Release Notes: New terrain artwork was added. Users can now manage many stacks on a tile. A cityset editor and a shieldset editor were added. The AI was improved. The scenario editor was improved. The save file format is now a tarball that contains the artwork for the game. A new "enemy head start" game option was added. Army units now have a one-time cost to be created. A new ruin history report was added. A few more crashing bugs were fixed.

        •  21 Oct 2009 08:39

          Release Notes: The license was updated to GPLv3. Graphics were added for medals that get awarded to army units. New "inactive" unit graphics were added in stack display. The "create a new game" experience was improved. The speed of map graphic redraws was improved. The editing of stacks, heroes, and backpacks in the scenario editor was improved. Various crashing bugs were fixed. A new neutral city mode of "defensive" was added. The user's manual was updated.

          •  08 Dec 2008 13:00

            Release Notes: New road, bridge, and signpost imagery was added. Roads now fade out at their ends, instead of ending abruptly. Bridges are now connected with roads on randomly generated maps. A log of the hero's activities is now displayed in the hero information dialog. Bigger explosions for city battles were added. The shortest path algorithm was fixed to consider boat loading and unloading movement penalties. Crashing bugs with respect to quests and dead heroes were fixed. A bug with changing players from human to computer was fixed. A bug in which vectored units did not show up was fixed.


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