Comments for Long Range ZIP

29 Sep 2011 08:09 conman

In fact tar itself is broken and that command line option does not work, nothing to do with lrzip! So unfortunately you have to use the lrztar wrapper that it comes with or do it in two steps (which yields better compression than the wrapper).

26 Sep 2011 06:00 chadwickboggs

To use LRZip on an Apple Lion I did

$ sudo port install lrzip

I download lrztar from and did

$ cd $(which lrztar)
$ sudo ln -s lrztar lrzuntar

and created lrzcat as follows:

$ cat ~/bin/lrzcat

lrzip -d -o - $*

Results Comparing GZip, LZOP, and LRZip:

-rw------- 1 dude staff 1.1M Sep 25 23:50 conf.rev12356.20110926055006.tar.lrz
-rw-r--r-- 1 dude staff 7.0M Sep 25 23:52 conf.rev12356.20110926055213.tlz
-rw-r--r-- 1 dude staff 4.1M Sep 25 23:52 conf.rev12356.20110926055213.tgz

Speeds, {GZip, LZOP, LRZIP} = {Standard (A.K.A. Baseline), Blazingly fast, Amazingly slow}

26 Sep 2011 04:36 chadwickboggs

On Apple Lion I get "configure: error: Could not find lzo2 library - please install liblzo2-dev" even after I did "sudo port install lzo2".

26 Sep 2011 04:20 chadwickboggs

I desire to do "tar --use-compress-program=lrzip" but it is not working. Is it possible to make this work?


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