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LON-CAPA (The LearningOnline Network with CAPA) is a learning content and course management system. It offers an underlying shared content pool from which instructors across departmental and institutional boundaries can assemble granular learning content for their courses. It has strong assessment capabilities, both formative (homework and in-class using wireless PDAs) and summative (online and bubblesheet exams), with a one-source multiple-target strategy for the content. It offers students portfolio space in which they can stage materials for submission to projects, and provides a number of tools for synchronous and asynchronous student-student and student-faculty communication. LON-CAPA scales well with number of students, as load-balancing is possible across the whole network of servers at participating institutions.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Dec 2011 14:03

    Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release. In addition, it now supports CentOS 6, SuSE 12.1, and Fedora 16 in the standard installation routines, and adds several new templates, attributes, and documentation pages for homework response types. Server status reports are now directly available from "localhost".

    •  01 Jun 2011 11:05

      Release Notes: This release features a cleaner, more consistent interface. Option-response problems can now have simple checkboxes. File management in portfolio space is more flexible. The release adds several domain-configuration options for managing load-balancing and session-offloading. The installation process was streamlined.

      •  15 Jan 2011 12:47

        Release Notes: This version uses the new redesigned interface with more consistent menu layouts and increased accessibility (the separate "accessibility" mode has been discontinued). The student portfolio function and its coupling to assignment submissions has been improved. The system now allows for completely anonymous surveys, and there are new problem modes where the randomization of the problems can be varied between submissions.

        •  22 Nov 2010 23:10

          Release Notes: This release includes a number of bugfixes. In particular, special characters are handled correctly in forwarded messages, and the "discussion end" date takes precedence over other discussion board settings. Instructors can now reach the edit mode for resources directly from any server in the network. Feedback when enrolling students and setting discussion parameters has been improved. Publication of XML files works again. In printouts, tables are rendered more reliably. Cloning of courses is easier within domains. Installation under Scientific Linux has been improved.

          •  02 Jun 2010 01:40

            Release Notes: The system added the new concept of a "community," which allows users to collaboratively share and discuss documents. Requests for course and community creation can now be queued and processed within the system. Self-enrollment into courses and communities can now be queued and approved by designated personnel. The release also includes several security and usability enhancements.


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