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LogJam is a GTK2 client for LiveJournal-based online journaling sites. It allows you to post entries, edit your previous entries, and edit your friends, all without loading your Web browser.

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Recent releases

  •  07 Jun 2011 18:51

    Release Notes: The lj-like and lj-repost helpers was added to the Insert menu. The new Screening feature is located in the bottom box. The HTML menu was expanded by many useful tags and reordered. The release contains several bugfixes, the updated Russian translation among them.

    •  30 Nov 2010 16:17

      Release Notes: This release includes build fixes. Now it's possible to do make dist and get a consistent tarball that builds. The default for Banshee player helper is changed; it is now turned off.

      •  28 Nov 2010 13:18

        Release Notes: This is major bug fix and feature release. Such bugs as the glib/gtk warnings on a console, working with automake 1.11, and incorrect messages in the Russian and Ukrainian translations were fixed. Many features were implemented. There is spell checking, music detection via MPRIS, tag support, and others.

        •  06 Nov 2010 11:38

          Release Notes: libsoup support was added to communicate with a journal site, and it's a primary network module now. GTK2+ is now supported better. All translations have been updated according to the changes. Many bugs were fixed.

          •  04 Dec 2002 21:19

            Release Notes: New features include a better time picker, a GUI server manager (with server selection at runtime), and a de-linebreak tool. Bugfixes include saving the entry date when saving entries locally, a relogin trap, and a segfault.

            Recent comments

            07 May 2000 14:56 bradfitz

            Embedding is easy...
            Embedding LiveJournal in your page is easy.... instructions here:


            Instructions provided for Frames/Layers, CGI, SSI, BML, Flash, PHP, and ASP. Pure-Javascript embedding coming soon as well.


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