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Log file monitor

Logfmon monitors a set of log files and processes messages based on a set of regexps. When a message matches, a command may be executed or the message may be ignored. Messages that are unmatched are batched together and emailed every so often.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Jun 2006 17:25

    Release Notes: This release has a number of new features, including support for the FAM file monitor for Linux, a GNU makefile for easier building on Linux, an option to limit the number of simultaneous threads, two new actions, "write" and "write-append", to send log entries or contexts to a file, FIFO, etc., an "autoappend" shortcut keyword for opening contexts, and a "clear" action to empty contexts without removing them. The format of the log entry is now configurable, so logfmon may be used for non-syslog log files.

    •  16 Dec 2005 22:02

      Release Notes: This release is mainly code cleanup and internal changes to make the program more robust. It now uses the queue(3) macros instead of roll-your-own linked lists, and is generally tidier.

      •  07 Mar 2005 14:23

        Release Notes: Minor fixes and tidying up were done.

        •  01 Jan 2005 22:57

          Release Notes: This version offers access to the context name in context pipe commands, threading fixes, and a few other bugfixes and cleanups.

          •  12 Dec 2004 21:53

            Release Notes: This version adds the ability to cache positions in log files to avoid rereading already processed messages on restart, a pid file, and some fixes to work on FreeBSD 5.3.


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