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Loadbars is a small script that can be used to observe CPU loads of several remote servers at once in real time. It connects with SSH (using SSH public/private key auth) to several servers at once and vizualizes all server CPUs and memory statistics right next each other (either summarized or each core separately). Loadbars is not a tool for collecting CPU loads and drawing graphs for later analysis. However, since such tools require a significant amount of time before producing results, Loadbars lets you observe the current state immediately. Loadbars does not remember or record any load information. It just shows the current CPU usages like top or vmstat does.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Jul 2013 21:57

    Release Notes: This release fixes an old issue and makes it possible to resize the window via the mouse.

    •  19 Jun 2013 18:32

      Release Notes: Initial version for Debian GNU/Linux Wheezy. Has only been tested on Wheezy. Major code cleanup. The text display sections have been removed from the code. Minor performance enhancements. It is now possible to specify a list of hosts using shell expansion, e.g. loadbars server{01,10..20}

      •  23 Jul 2012 21:40

        Release Notes: Network stats were introduced. The network stats toggle button is 3. Incoming network traffic is displayed in a light green bar coming down from the top, and outgoing traffic from the bottom up. 100% means that the theoretical network bandwidth is completely utilized.

        •  01 May 2012 12:22

          Release Notes: Introduces a new --hasagent parameter. With --hasagent 1, loadbars will not run 'ssh-add', which would ask for your SSH key password to add it to the SSH agent. With --hasagent 0 (the default value) loadbars will run 'ssh-add' on startup in order to add your SSH key to the SSH agent. An openssh-client dependency has been added to the .deb package. There are some code bugfixes.

          •  20 Apr 2012 20:38

            Release Notes: This release adds heavy code refactoring (splitting the code into different modules) and is the first release which provides Debian packages.


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