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LnBlog is an easy to use Weblog designed for flexibility. It has few requirements and works well in shared Web hosting situations. It requires no database, no special PHP extensions, and no particular Web server configuration. All data is stored in text files and the file access module can be easily configured to work when PHP's safe mode is enabled. Its features include support for themes, plugins, TrackBack, Pingback, Podcasting, and the Blogger and MetaWeblog APIs. It supports multiple users, multiple blogs, file uploads, permanent articles, and RSS feeds for entries, topics, and comments. It also comes with a number of standard plugins for managing comment and TrackBack spam.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Jun 2014 02:39

    Release Notes: This release fixed a number of bugs and added a rich-text HTML editor for writing your posts.

    •  13 Feb 2012 00:30

      Release Notes: This version includes some bugfixes and minor feature additions. These include a new "author bio" sidebar plugin, a plugin system for text processing filters, the ability to have a static main page for a blog, and the ability to schedule auto-publication of draft posts.

      •  23 Jun 2011 02:35

        Release Notes: AJAX-based preview and dynamic file upload fields were provided in the editor. Various bugs were fixed.

        •  11 Apr 2007 10:54

          Release Notes: Most data files are now XML. Old formats are still supported (no need to convert). Running blogs on multiple subdomains from a single installation is supported. The per-blog PHP wrapper scripts were consolidated. Support was added for saving draft entries to be published later. A Linksleeve anti-spam plugin was added. Support for blogging APIs was improved, including support for the Moveable Type API. Reply management pages were added for bulk listing or deleting of replies. Improvements were made to file writing configuration.

          •  23 Dec 2006 07:13

            Release Notes: This release includes a redesigned, Ajax-powered sidebar calendar, support for mass deletion of comments, and an option to list all reply types in a single list. It also incorporates a a more compact stylesheet layout and a more standardized format for storing entries.

            Recent comments

            09 Jan 2006 16:56 AdaHacker

            Re: Thanks for this fast flexible cms

            > But Google search is broken by me. ???

            Broken in what way? The Google search plugin just submits a search request for Google to search under the URL of the current blog. If the problem is that you are not getting any results, then it's probably just because Google hasn't spidered your blog yet.

            09 Jan 2006 16:47 vati

            Thanks for this fast flexible cms
            I have search a long time for a weblog with all browser editing (not wysiwyg, but lynx). Here is it :-). Small package and no database required!!!!

            RSS, static pages and SEO Links are so funny.

            But Google search is broken by me. ???

            Many thanks!!

            Regards joerg henniger - germany dresden

            Sorry for my bad english ;-)


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