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LIXA (LIbre XA) is a Transaction Manager implementing the distributed transaction processing "XA specification" and "TX (transaction demarcation) specification" according to the X/Open CAE Specification. LIXA is a Transaction Manager but it's not a Transaction Monitor; this is the distinguishing feature of the project. LIXA technology enables every application container, like a Web server or a shell, to become an XA compliant application server. The client/server architecture of LIXA allows many application containers to share a single LIXA (state) server; this is ideal when horizontal scalability is a must and many identical application containers must refer to a single transactional environment. Performance, scalability, and high availability are key features of the project. LIXA can be used with the C, C++, and PHP programming languages.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Apr 2012 20:53

    Release Notes: This release adds PostgreSQL to the list of Resource Managers which can be used with the PHP language. It is now possible to develop PHP programs with distributed transaction processing (and two-phase commit) between MySQL and PostgreSQL using LIXA Transaction Manager.

    •  21 Apr 2012 20:07

      Release Notes: This is a really important release because it integrates, for the first time, LIXA Transaction Manager and the PHP (Zend engine) language. With this release, you may develop Distributed Transaction Processing with any number of MySQL database managers, and your Application Program can perform two-phase commits with any number of MySQL databases. This first release integrates only the "mysqli" driver (using the MySQL standard library and not the PHP-provided "native driver"). The next releases will extend the integration to other database managers and (possibly) different database drivers.

      •  31 Mar 2012 08:20

        Release Notes: This release fixes a serious bug related to LIXA and MySQL: previous releases did not perform tx_rollback under some conditions. Every LIXA and MySQL user should upgrade as soon as possible.

        •  21 Mar 2012 21:18

          Release Notes: WebSphere MQ 7.1 (CentOS 32bit) has been successfully tested to work properly as a Resource Manager coordinated by LIXA Transaction Manager. lixa-config, a new utility, can retrieve the configuration information using just a single commandline.

          •  09 Feb 2012 22:10

            Release Notes: This release fixes some minor bugs and introduces new parameters for performance and scalability tuning. The documentation has a new performance tuning chapter.


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