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listener is a typical security-related program like the motion package (which detects motion on a Webcam): it listens for sound. If it detects any, it starts recording until the sound stops (or a bit later, which is configurable). It stores the audio in .WAV files.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Jan 2013 09:26

    Release Notes: This is a maintenance release, fixing all kinds of small bugs.

    •  01 Aug 2011 05:43

      Release Notes: This version now uses portaudio. This means it is more stable and should run on other platforms (such as Mac OS X). This version also has a new, more flexible commandline format for selecting sample rate and such.

      •  05 Aug 2010 14:12

        Release Notes: This version supports ALSA for sound I/O. The "on_event_start" handling was fixed. Listener can now write its PID to a file when running in daemon-mode. One-shot recording was also added.

        •  21 Dec 2005 01:04

          Release Notes: 'on_event_start' can now specify what script to start as soon as the recording starts. One can now use a fixed amplification factor. One can now let the listener store the audio recorded before the sound started. 'setlistener' stopped working, and has been fixed.

          •  11 Mar 2005 21:35

            Release Notes: The output filename can be defined with a template, audio can be automatically amplified, audio recorded before the sound starts can be stored to disk, recording from stereo sources now works, and a Makefile has been added for FreeBSD.

            Recent comments

            20 Jun 2012 12:17 felipo

            Yes, nice program, worked fine for me too. I like the background mode, it is really like a spy, so, be careful about what you will do with it!

            03 Jan 2005 16:21 gustgr

            The program have worked great for me but the filters packaged with it makes the program to seg fault. If anyone have build any good filter please let me know.


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