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13 Jun 2014 22:03 PenguinJeff

Updated to lirc-0.9.1 2014-06-10

## Last version: 0.9.1

- Added systemd support: unit files, socket activation.
- Building kernel modules is not supported.
- New config file lirc_options.conf with cli options default values.
- Automagically sets the lirc protocol for /dev/rc devices.
- Whitespace cleanup and git hook to enforce whitespace handling.
- Docs are built s part of normal build process.
- Bugfixes
- Autotools update and Darwin fixes.
- docs: Added new Configuration Guide.
- Licensing: Added some MIT-licensed files from CCAN, complete
license now is GPLv2 + MIT.

07 Mar 2003 05:28 kantale

funny effect
I would like to post a funny effect of lirc. I own a Pinnacle Pro IR receiver plugged in the COM1 port (modem is in COM 0). The remote control works only if modem is connected with the power supply, otherwise has a "crazy" behaviour..

09 May 2002 19:44 gazigi

I can't install the program. What do I do???


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