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LIRC is a package that supports receiving and sending IR signals of the most common IR remote controls. It contains a daemon that decodes and sends IR signals, a mouse daemon that translates IR signals to mouse movements, and a couple of user programs that allow to control your computer with a remote control.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Sep 2009 10:45

    Release Notes: Support for iMON devices has been improved substantially and setup was simplified. New support was added for IT8720 and ENE KB3926 (ENE0100) CIR ports. Locations of configuration files, sockets, and PID files were moved to conform to the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. lircmd now includes support for the Linux input layer. lircd now supports decoding the XMP protocol.

    •  21 May 2009 17:24

      Release Notes: This release features a standardized namespace following Linux input conventions. Now it's possible to autogenerate Linux input events using uinput. This release also adds support for the following hardware: Winbond 8769L CIR port (e.g. found on the Acer Aspire 6530G), FTDI FT232-based IR Receiver, Awox RF/IR Remote, iMon LCD devices, and Antec-branded iMon LCD and VFD devices.

      •  12 Oct 2008 20:38

        Release Notes: This is a maintenance release adding support for kernel versions up to 2.6.27. A driver supporting ITE8709 CIR ports was added. A new pronto2lirc converter allows you to convert Pronto files to lircd config files. lircd.conf now supports including other config files using the include directive.

        •  04 May 2008 21:04

          Release Notes: This release is an update to support kernel versions up to and including 2.6.25. It adds support for several devices like the Samsung USB IR Receive, Soundgraph iMON IR/LCD, IRLink receiver, VLSystem MPlay Blast, Hauppauge HVR-1300, and many more. irsend now supports a SIMULATE command to simulate IR events.

          •  10 Jun 2007 06:43

            Release Notes: The lirc_mceusb2 driver now supports setting the carrier frequency. lircd includes a command line switch that enables automatic release event generation. lircd now automatically tries to reopen the lirc device regularly if reading fails. A show-stopper bug in RC-6 transmit code was fixed. Support for the following devices was added: TechnoTrend USB IR receiver, Apple Mac mini USB IR receiver, ADSTech USBX-707 USB IR blaster, Creative USB IR receiver (SB0540), Asus DH remote, Kanam Accent, and SoundGraph iMON 2.4G DT and LT.

            Recent comments

            13 Jun 2014 22:03 PenguinJeff

            Updated to lirc-0.9.1 2014-06-10

            ## Last version: 0.9.1

            - Added systemd support: unit files, socket activation.
            - Building kernel modules is not supported.
            - New config file lirc_options.conf with cli options default values.
            - Automagically sets the lirc protocol for /dev/rc devices.
            - Whitespace cleanup and git hook to enforce whitespace handling.
            - Docs are built s part of normal build process.
            - Bugfixes
            - Autotools update and Darwin fixes.
            - docs: Added new Configuration Guide.
            - Licensing: Added some MIT-licensed files from CCAN, complete
            license now is GPLv2 + MIT.

            07 Mar 2003 05:28 kantale

            funny effect
            I would like to post a funny effect of lirc. I own a Pinnacle Pro IR receiver plugged in the COM1 port (modem is in COM 0). The remote control works only if modem is connected with the power supply, otherwise has a "crazy" behaviour..

            09 May 2002 19:44 gazigi

            I can't install the program. What do I do???


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