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Liquid War

Liquid War is a truly original multiplayer wargame. You control an army formed with thousands of pixels (fighters) which look like liquid and try to eat your opponent. You can play against a primitive NPC/AI or up to 5 other human players. Network play is available.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Oct 2007 11:38

    Release Notes: This maintenance release includes a setup program for Microsoft Windows (using NSIS), new Win32 binaries compiled with MinGW instead of MSVC, a fix in the core algorithm (a long-standing 9 year old bug this might have caused crashes on some platforms), and various contributed patches concerning support for FreeBSD and Mac OS X.

    •  30 Nov 2005 09:59

      Release Notes: Joystick support has hopefully been fixed. It had been missing for several years due to dead and untouched broken code. Other minor bugs have also been fixed. As usual, the game comes with still more new maps. One notable change is that it now uses Allegro 4.2.0. RPM packages have not been generated yet.

      •  14 Feb 2004 18:40

        Release Notes: A nasty network bug which caused too many sockets to be opened has been fixed, and bots are now excluded from network games by default. The random map generator has been updated.

        •  11 Jan 2004 21:00

          Release Notes: The random map generator now works fully under Windows. Unix static binary packages have been linked against a lighter version of Allegro, which could prevent some yet unexplained segfaults on BSD and some Linux distributions.

          •  20 Dec 2003 16:03

            Release Notes: This release contains many more maps and makes it possible to associate maps with textures. It also comes with Danish support and a random map generator. Of course, there are several bugfixes as well, especially concerning network play under Windows.

            Recent comments

            11 Jan 2004 13:50 slicer

            This may be one of the best/oddest games I've ever played. It is also one of the best put-together apps I've seen for Linux. The game is great, the documentation is good and the author has links to all required libraries on his site.

            I give Liquid Wars two thumbs up!

            27 Dec 2003 18:43 judebert

            Best game I've seen in years
            My whole family plays this game together. That includes girls aged 5 and 8. It's simple enough for them, yet complex enough to keep my wife and I at loggerheads for hours.

            All Windows issues have disappeared; we played for hours on two boxes, redefining keys, adding and subtracting computer players, and having a blast. Very stable.

            The family that plays together, stays together. Amazing game.

            26 Dec 2003 20:29 bcrowell

            fun and original
            It's very cool to find a strategy game that doesn't have complicated rules, doesn't take all day to play, and doesn't make you go blind looking at tiny icons on a map.

            I was unable to get the FreeBSD version working -- the author was very responsive, and tried to help, but I think there's a problem with the Allegro library on FreeBSD 4.8. Finally got a chance to play it on my brother in law's Windoze machine, and it all went very smoothly.

            01 Jul 2002 09:52 zany

            This game has a original idea and is done very nice!
            Give it a try - you'll be spending hours playing...

            19 Jul 2001 02:51 florentcueto

            great work
            This game is really cool


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