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Liquid War 6

Liquid War 6 is an original multiplayer wargame. You have to control an army formed with thousands of pixels that look like liquid, and try and eat your opponent. This is a total rewrite of the (now quite old) Liquid War 5 version. It's still in beta stage, with many imperfections and no network play but it's playable now.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Dec 2011 02:18

    Release Notes: 0.0.12beta introduced a random segfault, and this version hopefully fixes the problem, along with some other minor bugs.

    •  18 Dec 2011 19:25

      Release Notes: Major improvements include help, tooltips, and breadcrumbs displayed within the menus. The network remote node detection is enabled by default, even if network games are not yet possible. Map can also have a proper description, and mention author and license in the metadata. MS Windows and Mac OS X packages now include all maps, including the contents of the extra-map package.

      •  04 Oct 2011 07:38

        Release Notes: This releases introduces weapons, to complete the team profiles concept. It also has an exp system which unlocks the next level when you win a given level in solo games, two new bot engines, visual enhancements including a wave effect, a Russian translation, and fixes for about ten outstanding bugs.

        •  01 Aug 2011 08:18

          Release Notes: This releases brings a new concept: "team profiles". Teams can act differently, some of them being more aggressive but weak, others being faster, and so on. Additionally, bubbling sounds "a la" Liquid War 5 were added, along with new bitmap cursors and a basic score screen.


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