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linuxTheTools is a collection of 38 portable and uniform SYSOP command-line tools for Linux. They ease the management of your network and provide day-to-day tools to make system administration, scripting, and disk management easier.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Jul 2011 23:11

    Release Notes: In /bin/emit, the keyboard field input function -k4 now handles backspace properly, the -k0 and --reset options were added. New options were added for getlines: -l|-l*|'lines'. Shell commands may now be captured for future execution. In /usr/bin/ddiff, the -n option was added to compare files in two directories by name. Normally files are compared by content. In /usr/bin/asc2hex and /usr/bin/dec2hex, hex representations are now displayed in alphanumeric upper case.

    •  01 Feb 2007 07:18

      Release Notes: This release upgrades the "bake your own distribution" package creation tools. A small-footprint Ethernet sniffer was added and the popular "cloak" program wrapper was upgraded to version 1.2. Bugs were fixed and upgrades were made for ddiff, emit, ff, movem, and nfiles. The man pages were updated.

      •  23 Oct 2006 07:43

        Release Notes: This release upgrades the "make your own distro" package creation tools, the ftpwatch traffic monitoring tool for proftpd, the emit text screen rendering tool, and the ddiff utility. ddiff is now capable of comparing files across directories only by name, instead of by name and contents. The .bashrc (extra shell commands) patch was updated to take advantage of newer binaries in coreutils versions 5.2 and later.

        •  28 Jul 2006 19:41

          Release Notes: This release upgrades the software distribution package creation tools, the intruder detection and cleanup surivno tool, the firewalls, and 8 other included Linux tools.

          •  31 Dec 2005 19:14

            Release Notes: Many fixes and updates were made to the now more than 39 utilities. A new utility was added, snapshot, to monitor new processes and allow detection of undesired activity. Several major bug fixes to the distribution archive producing utilities: bakepkg, buildpkg, and postpkg. Enhancements were added to the Console Color Manager utility /bin/emit, and fixes were made to the directory ddiff utility.


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