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The Linux Console Tools

The console-tools package allows you to set-up and manipulate the Linux console (ie. text screen and keyboard), and manipulate console-font files. It was developed from version 0.94 of the standard `kbd' package, and integrates many fixes and enhancements, including new kbd features up to 0.99.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Oct 1999 00:22

    Release Notes: Bugfixes and added more message catalogs.

    •  23 Sep 1999 10:45

      Release Notes: This development release starts to add font-format independance to the libs and programs, simplifying the consolechars command-line, and fixes a couple of small bugs.

      •  31 Aug 1999 22:51

        Release Notes: This release is a bugfix release for 0.2.1, and additionnally includes russian and german messages.

        •  26 Aug 1999 02:49

          Release Notes: This development release adds support for reading glibc (wg15) charmap files as ACM's, and features a complete reorganization of the shared libraries.

          •  19 Aug 1999 22:29

            Release Notes: This development release adds support for reading X11 BDF font files, adds a feature to showcfont that helps debugging fonts and SFM's, provides russian, czech, and german messages catalogs, and fixes a bunch of bugs.

            Recent comments

            21 Feb 2002 18:15 fredlwm

            Re: console-tools is outdated

            True. I installed console-tools in the past but recent kbd releases include most improvements. I can understand why Yann forked it, but not why nobody maintains it.

            20 Feb 2002 21:12 damjan

            console-tools is outdated
            console-tools is very outdated. I can't understand why some
            distros still include it, since now the kbd package has
            overcome most of its shortcomings and definitely contains
            support for more languages/countries/nations.


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