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Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO

The LARTC-HOWTO describes many advanced ways of routing and shaping traffic. Using the HOWTO, you will be able to shape traffic in myriad ways, which will help you lower latency for interactive use when others are downloading or uploading. It will also teach you how to limit certain hosts/protocols' bandwidth usage. It also explains many aspects of routing using the 'ip' tool from the iproute2 suite.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Apr 2002 04:34

    Release Notes: This release switches to DocBook, adds a section on how to use multiple internet connections together for more speed, removes typos, and fixes broken links and units.

    •  06 Dec 2001 18:08

      Release Notes: CBQ is now documented completely. All other common qdiscs (shapers) are also fully documented. A complete list of when to use which shaper is now included.

      •  10 Feb 2001 00:14

        Release Notes: The PDFs look decent when printed. As the HOWTO is now over 55 pages, it makes for good hardcopy reading. New content includes a CBQ.init script description, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol, Differentiated Services (DSMark), an alternate VLAN implementation, more on IPv6/Cisco interoperation, and fixes for typos.

        •  12 Oct 2000 13:37

          Release Notes: Typos were fixed. More content was added, specifically on link equalization (interface load balancing), IP tunneling, and IPv6. An accompanying mailing list and archive now exist.

          •  26 May 2000 19:21

            Release Notes: The 2.4 Networking HOWTO was merged with the Advanced HOWTO. Lots of new contributions have been accepted with resolves a great number of FIXMEs.


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