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LinkCheck automates checking a Web site for broken links. It creates a report of broken links, download times, and every link and FTP connection on the site. It is handy for Web designers who need to check over their site. It can also be installed as a CGI program so Web designers can check via a Web page. It understands HTML 3.0 and JavaScript, and automatically checks mailto links for validity.


Recent releases

  •  04 Jan 2002 21:09

    Release Notes: The final report lists the sites/files that weren't checked, a more verbose output better shows what is happening, a fix for a bug with the -f option, and the 'Last modified' timestamp is shown in all cases.

    •  13 Mar 2001 23:32

      Release Notes: Auto tools support (automake, autoconf, configure), INSTALL instructions, a man page, and long options support.

      •  23 Oct 2000 20:41

        Release Notes: The license was updated to use the GPL license.

        Recent comments

        05 Feb 2003 15:28 Anagram

        Re: Fails to build on FreeBSD or OSX
        I found that linkcheck 1.41 had a tiny trouble building on OSF1 V4.0 1091 alpha. The socketlen_t was not defined, but since it was obviously an int, that was not problem.
        It does seem to hang sometimes, but it very gracefully catches the term signal and writes out what it has collected so far.
        Email checking via mail records is a great idea, but I believe this will incorrectly identify mail aliases as invalid email.
        This is a really clever, quite useful program. Thanks to the author for providing it!

        08 Feb 2002 03:45 kwerle

        Fails to build on FreeBSD or OSX
        Not that it claims to.


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