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LiMpOo is a multimedia player platform based on a Linux system using a Perl engine. It features playback of MP3 files (with playlists), CD audio (with CDDB lookup), and support for encoding, LCD, and IR. It uses MySQL for speed improvements. A PHP front-end helps to maintain all playlists.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Jun 2001 15:03

    Release Notes: The PHP frontend was improved, and it now uses Javascript for the display. A paramter called "shutdown or not when quit" was added to the config. The script now handles the DB upgrades transparently and automatically. The genres were changed to use Winamp genres.

    •  22 Apr 2001 22:44

      Release Notes: This release includes playlist save/load, a configure script to help to install LiMpOo, and many bug fixes. It also includes an initial php version to manage config, playlists, and catalog. Commenting of the code has begun.

      •  20 Sep 2000 21:02

        Release Notes: A new ability to change the play mode (shuffle, repeat, normal) in playing MP3, an ability to jump to the previous/next album in play mode, an improved load used by limpoo into wait loop, jumping by first letter to the next artist, album, etc. in playlist selection, a confirmation screen when exiting, and no clear the screen after exiting to let the user see that the shutdow is in progress.

        •  12 Sep 2000 23:05

          Release Notes: Use of MySQL to store information of MP3 files, improvements in speed, memory, and CPU usage, an easier INSTALL, and more.

          •  25 May 2000 20:24

            Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement.


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