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21 Sep 2003 02:17 mario2003

Lilo for USB bootable device

I'm new to lilo and would like to use it as a bootloader for a USB memory stick device (specifically a 256M Memorybird). The device is /dev/sda1. I've created a single partition on it using cfdisk, tagged it as bootable, and transferred some Linux necessary files. I've also copied the kernel and boot.b to the USB /boot directory. I've made a lilo.conf in /etc of the USB device that is like this:


Since this USB device will be used as boot device on another machine I used the lilo documentation page 37 to install lilo somewhere else by doing this (USB device is mounted as /mnt/usb on development system)

echo image=/mnt/usb/boot/usbLinux label=usbLinux | /sbin/lilo -C - -b /dev/sda1 -i /mnt/usb//boot/boot.b -c -m /mnt/usb/boot/map

The target computer (VIA mainboard) has the USB-ZIP boot option activated. When lilo starts it shows the following:

L 01 01 01 01 01 [....]

Can you share a light on what could happen in there ?


17 Aug 2003 06:34 johncoffman

Re: LILO 22.5.7 fatal internal error
A patch to the 22.5.7 source (called has been tested and uploaded to the developer's website. The problem only affects systems running -devfs- with multiple SCSI disks. The binary distribution will not be updated until later this week, when a full release of LILO will be issued to address this issue.

16 Aug 2003 20:56 johncoffman

LILO 22.5.7 fatal internal error
Users running "devfs" with more than one SCSI disk are likely to run into a fatal "LILO internal error". Unfortunately, the developer does not have access to a hardware configuration on which to test a proposed patch, so there will be a time delay before an update to correct the problem will be available.

02 Aug 2003 08:43 johncoffman

URLs updated
Because of changes at, the project URLs for the developer's site have all been updated. "" is replaced by "", a change dictated by the Web redirection service.

23 Jul 2003 05:10 dunbar

Everything has always worked fine for me - no complaints here! Just my kudos!

05 Jul 2003 21:10 johncoffman

Re: Installing LILO on the hard disk from a bootable CD-ROM, problems going 22.5.1 => 22.5.6
Jerome kindly provided several install logs of the problem, and a patch has been issued to resolve the issue. Only installations where a "chroot" has been performed, either by the user, or using the "lilo -r" switch, will be affected. The patch is not considered a high priority. It is available on the developer's site for those interested. (22.5.6 ->

04 Jul 2003 16:13 johncoffman

Re: Installing LILO on the hard disk from a bootable CD-ROM, problems going 22.5.1 => 22.5.6
Changes are detailed in the 'changelog', which would probably be easier for me to interpret than you. However, general descriptions of what you experience are of no help in tracking a problem. I need to see your 'lilo.conf' file, and the 'lilo -v5 >log.txt' installation log at the very least. *** please contact the author directly ***

04 Jul 2003 09:41 jerstlouis

Installing LILO on the hard disk from a bootable CD-ROM, problems going 22.5.1 => 22.5.6

I just tried upgrading my self-built distro's lilo to 22.5.6.
I ran into a problem which was not as bad in 22.5.1 (Now I get the L 40 40 40 syndrome, before I just had warnings)
The way my distro installs lilo is as follows:

1. I boot off a CD with ISOLINUX, with root=/dev/ram0
2. I mount the target partition in /setup, and install everything there (including /setup/sbin/lilo)
3. I'm using devfsd, so I'm doing a cp -dpRf /dev/* in /setup/dev/
4. Then I do chroot /setup lilo

This used to give me warnings about not being able to detect the video adapter.
But now I also get a warning that the map file is not on the same disc as something else
(which I don't fully understand since there's only one hard disc in this machine) and also
says my BIOS might not recognize drive 0x307 or something like that...

Now in order to get 22.5.6 to install properly, the only way I've found is, after my setup has completed,
I reboot again with my setup CD, but pass root=/dev/discs/disc0/part7 as a boot option to the kernel.

If I do that, I won't get any of the warning and lilo will work fine. That however prevents me from installing
lilo in one go as I could do with 22.5.1. I'm going back to 22.5.1, but I'd like to know why this changed in 22.5.6,
and what is the proper way to achieve what I'm trying to do... Thanks for any help in advance.

11 Jun 2003 12:50 johncoffman

Re: Please help me!
1. Create a rescue disk, just in case. (mkrescue).
2. For the boot loader to survive, you need:
a. The boot sector
b. The sector map file (/boot/map)
c. Kernel & initrd files (usually in /boot)
If any of these files are moved, you will need the rescue disk.
3. /sbin/lilo is immaterial; it is not the boot loader. It is the boot installer (it creates the /boot/map file of sector addresses.)

The kernels, map file &c. may live in a Windows partition just as well as in a Linux partition. Just watch out for file naming conventions of other filesystems.

11 Jun 2003 12:10 kaugex

Please help me!
This is not project-oriented but I have a big dilemma which I want to be cleared...

So I want to reinstall my Linux. For that, I want to delete two ext3 partitions. On one of these there is the \boot, in which (I suppose) there is LILO. How comes the hard part (for me at least :)):

If I delete the partition on which there is LILO, the boot loader will survive? This is not clear for me: LILO is in \boot or in the MBR? Does it need \boot to function?

Because I don't want to lose the data on my windows partition and I don't want to remedy the situation with fdisk /mbr...

And if we are here allready: if I ovwerwrite the LILO in the new installation, everything will be okay?

Thanking you for your patience,
Matthew Kosa


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