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19 Nov 2003 09:12 flobobo

Re: LILO wants to assign a new Volume ID to this disk drive
thx a lot. i will try this.
bye, flo

16 Nov 2003 22:56 opqdonut

Re: LILO can't acces /dev/fd0

I have a dev directory with fd0, console and null in it. I got lilo to eork by first mounting fd0 with:

mount -o dev /dev/fd0

I heard this from someone on the net, and I would like to know exactly why did it work. The documentation for the dev option is quite cryptic:

dev Interpret character or block special devices

on the file system.

thx in advance


16 Nov 2003 11:53 johncoffman

Re: LILO can't acces /dev/fd0
This is a well known gotcha when using "-r". It is expected that you have a full Linux installation at the point you are 'chroot'ing to. Specifically, you need a /dev directory, with all device permissions set correctly. Sounds like you have omitted this step in creating your floppy image. You might check the method used by the LILO utility "mkrescue", a shell script, and adopt its methods of avoiding the need for a 'chroot'.

16 Nov 2003 03:39 opqdonut

LILO can't acces /dev/fd0

Im working on a linux-on-a-disk-thingie, and ive got evrything ready, boot.b, the kernel and etc/lilo.conf (BTW boot=/dev/fd0 and root=/dev/fd0) in their places, but when i try to install lilo unto the disk with

"lilo -v -r /mnt/floppy"
lilo says: "cant acces dev/fd0: permission defined"

As im doing this as root, the file permissions of /dev/fd0 shouldn't be the cause

It would be nice, if someone could help...

13 Nov 2003 09:46 johncoffman

Re: LILO wants to assign a new Volume ID to this disk drive
Single disk NT systems apparently don't receive a VolumeID from WinNT (2000, XP). Before changing the volume ID, create a backup of the boot sector (-S option: "lilo -S /boot"), ONCE only. Or create the backup file manually:

"dd if=/dev/hda of=/boot/boot.0300 bs=512 count=1"

Then if WinNT hiccups on booting, you can restore the original boot sector (/dev/hda); viz.,

"dd if=/boot/boot.0300 of=/dev/hda bs=512 count=1"
You will need a Volume ID written to the disk, to proceed with the 22.5.8 installation.

NT always uses Volume IDs on multi-disc systems, so LILO is usually not the program that writes them on mixed NT/Linux systems.

13 Nov 2003 07:22 flobobo

LILO wants to assign a new Volume ID to this disk drive
hello, i am trying to use LILO version 22.5.8, but i got this when i type "lilo" :
Reference: disk "/dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/disc" (3,0) 0300

LILO wants to assign a new Volume ID to this disk drive. However, changing
the Volume ID of a Windows NT, 2000, or XP boot disk is a fatal Windows error.
This caution does not apply to Windows 95 or 98, or to NT data disks.

Is the above disk an NT boot disk? [Y/n]
I have heard about an inaccessible option, but i have only one hard drive ... so ... what can i do ?

is it because my ext3 partition is out of the 1024 cylinders ? (i have a XP partition before of 25Go)

thx, flo

16 Oct 2003 19:14 johncoffman

Hardware RAID workaround with LILO 22.5.8
These comments apply only to HARDWARE raid controllers (Promise, HPT370, etc.).
Due to the driver implementation a workaround for proper installation is required when such a controller is in use. The driver for the hardware controller registers a two drive array as 3 devices: two underlying devices, and one RAID device. The underlying devices MUST not be touched by LILO, and 22.5.8 is needed to recognize the following workaround:

disk=/dev/hdi inaccessible &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp# ataraid disk 1

disk=/dev/hdk inaccessible
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp# ataraid disk 2

A warning is issued to remind the user that this workaroud is required. This comment applies to both striped and mirrored arrays (Raid 0 or 1).

This workaround will be needed until the "ataraid" drivers provide proper information about the underlying drives which comprise the array, as is the case with the Linux software raid implementation (e.g., /dev/md0).

Software raid installations are on a per partition basis, and MUST NOT attempt to use this workaround.

08 Oct 2003 16:34 johncoffman

Re: Boot CD with lilo in MBR ?
DVDs & CDs do not have BIOS device codes, so LILO is unable to read them. Thus they cannot be used for booting in the traditional way. However, many newer BIOSs support the El Torito Bootable CD spec, which allows a CD to emulate a floppy drive. With this emulation in place, it becomes possible to boot from a CD. The method is not really straightforward, and it is recommended that you create a bootable CD with the "mkrescue --iso" command. This shell script comes with the lilo source distro, and is installed with "make install". After creating an ISO image with mkrescue, then "cdrecord" may be used to burn a bootable CD. If you have ever booted a Linux distro install from a CD, then you will be able to boot from the CD. I suggest using a re-writable CD, as you may make several attempts to get the CD created properly.

08 Oct 2003 16:08 ugell

Boot CD with lilo in MBR ?

lilo is installed in MBR of hdb.
With this lines in lilo.conf I can boot from a
boot disk without changes bios settings
(1. boot dev.=D, hdb):

other = /dev/fd0
label = Boot_Disk

Is it possible to boot from (any bootable)
cdrom with lilo installed on hdb (or hda) ?

I have this section in my lilo.conf:
other = /dev/hdc
label = Boot_CD

If Boot_CD is chosen in lilo-menu,
I can see Error 0x01 (illegal command...).
A bootable DVD is inserted.
I tried also different "disk=/dev/hdcI bios=..."
lines without success.

hdc is a DVD-ROM.If I change bios
settings the system will boot from (a bootable) DVD/CD.

I'm using LILO version 22.5.8-beta4


21 Sep 2003 08:43 johncoffman

Re: Lilo for USB bootable device
Most likely the BIOS device code of the USB (boot) device is different on the second system than on the first, where the boot loader was installed. You may use a "disk= bios=" section in the config file to specify the environment of the target system. Or, better, use the 22.5++ release of LILO, which is not sensitive to BIOS device code changes from one system to the next.


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