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29 Sep 2004 06:42 johncoffman

Re: Incompatible S-ATA controllers
My correspondent who initially uncovered the problem has informed me that Davicontrol has a BIOS update that corrects the problem.

27 Sep 2004 12:27 johncoffman

Incompatible S-ATA controllers

- Davicontrol 4-channel S-ATA with Silicon Image 3114 Chipset</br><br>

- Longshine 2-channel S-ATA with Silicon Image 3112 Chipset</br><br>

- possibly others</br><br>



Both controllers report a BIOS copyright by Silicon Image. The BIOS allocates memory in the EBDA area but does not record this usage in the Bios Data Area word at 40:13. This makes both of the above controllers, and any other SI controllers using this BIOS incompatible with other add-in PCI cards that use the EBDA. It is also incompatible with DOS applications, including those that run under Windows 95/98, which use memory just below the EBDA.</br><br>


These controllers are incompatible with all versions of the Linux Loader (LILO), unless the loader is patched to avoid the memory conflict in the EBDA area. Since this BIOS writearound is unsociable on other controllers, it will not be made a part of the standard LILO distribution.</br><br>


I have been able to contact Longshine about the problem, but so far I cannot find any contact address for the other.

23 Sep 2004 20:03 johncoffman

Re: Dual Boot LILO issue seemingly resistant to normal fixes
Assuming that XP is installed on 'hda1' and Debian on 'hdb2', you need to make XP the only thing booted; viz.,

> lilo -A /dev/hda 1 # activate the XP partition (note space before "1")

> lilo -M /dev/hda # install new Master Boot Record

The master boot loader boots the first active partition on the drive, which will now be XP. The MBR overwrites the LILO boot record ("boot=/dev/hda") written when you run the boot installer (/sbin/lilo).

23 Sep 2004 14:17 Exitium

Dual Boot LILO issue seemingly resistant to normal fixes
I will be endlessly thankful if someone can provide me with a solution. My system has two physical harddrives, one with XP Home and the other with Debian; I need to clear the Debian distro from the second harddrive, but I can't seem to shake LILO.

So far I've used fixmbr and fixboot in the Windows recovery console, and used the LILO -u and LILO -U commands in Debian...all to no avail. LILO is not impressed when I erase Debian, and I am then incapable of booting to XP without first reinstalling Debian (and thus fixing LILO).

I don't have much experience with the mbr (or with Linux, for that matter), and am perhaps missing something obvious...but I've been wrestling with it fruitlessly for a couple of days now. Any help is greatly appreciated.

12 Aug 2004 14:07 johncoffman

Update to correct USB BIOS bug
A BIOS bug that results in the unexpected clobber of the BX register has been seen by a user in Europe. The symptom is the death of the first-stage loader at just "L", with no diagnostic code printed. This occurs when booting from a USB hard disk on a VIA Tech controller. Workarounds include installing with the "-Z1" switch, or patching the LILO source code with the latest update dated 2004/8/12. Please note that this update is the second one issued for the current (22.5.9) release of LILO. See the 'update' directory at the LILO developer's site to retrieve this patch.

26 May 2004 15:19 ciranhi

Re: Single HD, single boot...and LILO 01 01 error?

> After a full Slackware 9.0 install and

> configuration, I reboot and get:


> L 01 01 01 01 01


> until it says DISK BOOT FAILURE.....


> I've put lba32 in my lilo.conf (and run

> /sbin/lilo), but that didn't help.


Well, it never fails. Post a request for help and

I figure it out right after that!

I'm not sure if the fault was mine (improperly

reading instructions?) or if there's a bug/typo in

the LILO installer on the Slackware 9.0 distro. I

noticed that the "boot=" line said:


When I took the 7 off, it booted fine. I could

have sworn I'd already tried that, but this time

it worked. Now to get the _second_ drive back in

and see if I'm back to my _original_ problem (not

being able to boot from hda at all).

Back to work,


26 May 2004 14:33 ciranhi

Single HD, single boot...and LILO 01 01 error?

It seems as though everyone encountering the

problem I have has a complex set-up---and

therefore the answers I'm finding are tailored to

that complex set-up. After reading documentation

and googling for answers, I'm stumped. My system

is a single-boot system using Linux. Here's what I

know (the short version):

IDE1, master: 100GB Western Digital Hard Drive

IDE2, master: CD-RW

I did a clean sweep on this drive after numerous

other attempts to figure this problem out. My

partitions now appear as follows (only listing

partial table:

hda1 bootable 128MB

hda5 /boot 128MB

hda7 / 11400MB

After a full Slackware 9.0 install and

configuration, I reboot and get:

L 01 01 01 01 01

until it says DISK BOOT FAILURE.....

I've put lba32 in my lilo.conf (and run

/sbin/lilo), but that didn't help. I'm at a loss

here. I don't even know what other information to

provide to help someone help me! What do I do now?

Frustrated on Day Three of this mess,


15 Apr 2004 05:23 mkessels

Re: build error in file diagnose/test4.c bios.h missing
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! problem was that urpmi dev86 results in installation of bin86 without header files... urpmi dev86-devel made bios.h available.

14 Apr 2004 16:15 johncoffman

Re: build error in file diagnose/test4.c bios.h missing
Your installation of "bcc" is not complete or is out-of-date. "bios.h" is part of the "bcc" distribution. Check the link for "bin86" in the LILO dependencies here on for a link to the bcc site.

14 Apr 2004 14:20 mkessels

build error in file diagnose/test4.c bios.h missing

I am trying to compile lilo 22.5.8 on my mandrake 9.2 system. I have installed all dependencies (I think..) but when I run make, I get the error that bios.h is missing.

The reason for still using 22.5.8 is that there is no patch yet available for using evms with the latest version.

Thanks for any help,



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