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20 Jul 2005 14:53 carcassonne

Disabling init=1 ?

Is it possible to disable this 'feature' that lets anyone armed with a keyboard to run /bin/bash when the system starts instead of login in properly by interrupting the boot sequence ? Is this part of lilo or is it the kernel that's built like that? Looks like a major security flaw.

The system in question boots without prompting or using a lilo menu but there's still a way to interrupt the boot sequence and specifying to run /bin/bash.

Thanks for any suggestions.

29 May 2005 02:38 amxor

Re: Save LILO
I see I made a huge typo in the subject.
But my problem is solved!
I installed ZipSlack.
Loading it with loadlin, I made an ext2 part. for it.
Next I tried to get it loading from that partition, still using loadlin.
Since everyting worked fine I installed lilo for booting DOS or ZipSlack.
Only the screen resolution was not configured right.
Thanks lilo and SlackWare

25 May 2005 12:12 amxor


I 'm new to installing LILO and quite new to linux at all.

I have an old Libretto 50 CT on wich I want to install slackware 10.1.

The problem is that I have no floppy drive or other possible boot devices but my harddisk.

Can anyone explain me how I can install LILO to this system 'totaly save'. So I want it to boot win98 in all cases even when LiLo doesn't work. I also need to install LiLo from this DOS/Win platform.

I can use partitionmagic... if the C: partition containing DOS/Win98 boots. I don't think the thing supports lba32...

Thx, Benjamin

12 May 2005 09:41 johncoffman

Re: Transferring boot sequence from syslinux to lilo

> Now, using syslinux.cfg I can get lilo

> to output a 'L' without any error code,

> but that's as far it can get.



'L' with no error code is pretty unusual with versions of LILO from the last year or so. Do try 22.7 (current) before you go any further; is a year and a half out-of-date.

> Peter

> Anvin (of syslinux) has commented that

> what lilo needs is to trust DL and that

> perhaps there's an option for this.



Yes, there is. "bios-passes-DL=" is an option that is at least 2 years old (22.5.1 is earliest reference in the changelog.) I would try 22.7 first, then this option. It is also accessible from the command line as: "lilo -Z1" (capital-'Z'). It is documented in the man page for "lilo.conf" (bios-passes-DL) and "lilo" (-Z).


12 May 2005 07:27 carcassonne

Transferring boot sequence from syslinux to lilo

What I'm trying to do is to boot a PC using a USB stick and then offer to choice either to continue booting the USB stick or to boot the hard disk.

Both the USB stick and the hard disk are booting fine on their own. syslinux is used for the USB stick. lilo is used to initialize the hard disk. Please note that the hard disk is initialized on a host machine and is seen as /dev/hdc when doing so. The following lilo command is then used:

lilo -r /mnt/disk -b /dev/hdc

With the following lilo.conf:









append="splash=silent devfs=mount"


Then this hard disk is put into another PC as sole hard disk (i.e. hda). It boots fine on its own.

Now, using syslinux.cfg I can get lilo to output a 'L' without any error code, but that's as far it can get. Peter Anvin (of syslinux) has commented that what lilo needs is to trust DL and that perhaps there's an option for this.

I've browsed through the lilo documentation but couldn't find something pertaining to making it 'trust DL'. Perhaps it is expressed in a different way. Could you help with this ?



31 Mar 2005 08:05 johncoffman

Re: Different keyboard makes lilo show prompt
I assume you are not using the "prompt" switch in the configuration file. If the missing / malfunctioning keyboard appears to transmit a TAB character, then the prompt screen will appear. Although intended for noisy serial lines, the "unattended" keyword may be effective for you. Just be sure to have set a very short "timeout=", say, about the same as your "delay=" setting.

The "unattended" switch first appeared in LILO 22.6.

31 Mar 2005 06:43 carcassonne

Different keyboard makes lilo show prompt

I install systems by replicating a master hard disk using a dedicated machine to replicate disks. The lilo configuration file is simple and must show no prompt since these machines have usually (i.e. when not developing directly on them) no keyboards. They uses a touch screen instead.

On one machine, lilo always shows a prompt (i.e. the red box) and since there's no timeout, waits for a keypress. This machine uses a different keyboard and we just got confirmation from the IT dept. that this keyboard does not work.

Do you have any idea as to the manner in which a defective keyboard can prevent lilo from booting and instead makes it show the red box ?



23 Feb 2005 05:22 shockzor

It would be good if the project would have a decent website describing what features it have, known problems, a F.A.Q, a online manual, etc.

11 Feb 2005 19:31 johncoffman

Re: Preparing a hd[x] drive for another machine
Make sure you are using LILO 22.5.9 or newer, and that you are using 'lba32' disk addressing. A sector-by-sector copy of a bootable drive (same size) will be bootable:

>dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb

Then move hdb to hda on the second machine. This, of course, assumes a compatible BIOS.

If /dev/hda1 is the bootable partition on the first machine, and /dev/hdb1 is to be the bootable partition on the second machine (/dev/hda1 after moving the disk), then a simple install of LILO on the second disk (mounted as /mnt/b), would go as follows (identical /etc/lilo.conf files on both disks):

> lilo -r /mnt/b -b /dev/hdb

At this point, dismount, power down, and move the hdb disk to hda on the second machine. Presumably even the "root=/dev/hda1" specification for hdb will now become valid.

There are other ways to create a bootable disk for a second machine, but they quickly increase in complexity from this point. I suggest you contact me directly if your situation is significantly more involved.

11 Feb 2005 17:30 carcassonne

Preparing a hd[x] drive for another machine
Is it possible with lilo to make bootable a drive that

will be put into another computer to boot it ? For

instance, computer A has drive hda. I connect a

hdb drive to it, copy system and application files,

then I want to make it bootable so that I can

afterwards disconect it and put it into computer B as

computer B only hda drive ?

If possible, can you tell me how to use lilo to do

this ?

Thanks !


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