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03 Jan 2007 19:19 darkocabro

Re: Long install times with Reiser filesystem
I'm sorry, one correction:
time lilo
Added slack_11 *
Added 2.6.18

real 12m10.079s
user 0m0.044s
sys 0m5.840s

03 Jan 2007 19:16 darkocabro

Re: Long install times with Reiser filesystem
I can confirm that. Really long times (~ 10 minutes per image).
Is there another way to fix this, except creating another partition for boot purposes? Currently, I don't have a way to do it (a lot of data needs to be backed up, to create another small partition)

16 Dec 2006 21:43 johncoffman

Incompatibility with 2.6 kernel
LILO versions 22.7.3 and earlier will have an undesired interaction with the 2.6.18 (and possibly earlier) kernels if a hidden directory (.udev) is created in the /dev device hierarchy. The result is that LILO loops if an undefined device is encountered. Updated source code is available in the alpha directory at the developer's site, labeled 22.8-alpha3. It should only be tried if you are experiencing the hang with a 2.6 kernel.

11 Oct 2006 16:09 roamdad

lilo, FC5, raid and initrd
Just a note for cross-reference.

See - Bugzilla Bug 197701: mkinitrd is not creating the appropriate root mount point resulting in a /dev/root kernel panic

On upgrading a lilo booted raid1 system to FC5 and retaining lilo as the bootloader, easy temporary fix is to replace




and rerun lilo.

If one doesn't have a backup OS to boot into, run rescue mode of FC5 and chroot.

Maybe this will save someone a couple days tracking this down.

19 Aug 2006 11:43 johncoffman

Re: possible improvement: a maintenance shell
If I am reading your request correctly, this sounds more like an item to be handled by the kernel startup scripts, not the boot loader. The network is not up and usable until well into the startup process. It is certainly possible for the boot loader to pass a parameter into the kernel by way of the boot command line; viz., "boot: Linux updatecheck". It would be the responsibility of the startup scripts to read the boot command line (/proc/cmdline) and take appropriate action.

19 Aug 2006 00:25 xpol

possible improvement: a maintenance shell

I have been a happy lilo user for a dozen years now;

although not a computer science professional, i have

found lilo easy to configure and a very dependable


I would like to suggest a possible improvement: since

very often linux distributions prompt user for system

upgrades (i am upgrading my debian/testing distrib.

almost every day), it would be desirable upgrading to

be accomplished at a very early stage in the boot

process, so that every updated program can be started

in the current session. That would especially needed for

X/xorg related packages.

So, i am wondering about lilo to open a sort

of 'maintenance shell' over the default kernel with

network services enabled, getting info about new

packages available and prompting user about what to

do, before booting.

thank you



03 Apr 2006 13:26 johncoffman

Re: Long install times with Reiser filesystem
Patching kernel with the following: reiser4-for-2.6.14-1.patch will NOT exhibit the problem. However, patching the same kernel with: reiser4-for- WILL exibit the problem. Kernels 2.6.15 and later all exhibit the problem.

29 Mar 2006 15:10 johncoffman

Long install times with Reiser filesystem
Two users have broght to my attention that recent releases of the Reiser 4 File System with the 2.6 kernels produce very slow LILO bootloader install times. The mapping of kernel sectors to absolute disk addresses seems to have slowed down considerably. I have one report of 20 minute per kernel boot loader install times. Actual booting is not affected. However, the impact on those folks who compile their own kernels is very serious. The only workaround I can suggest at this time is to create a small (32MB) /boot partition formatted for ext2 or ext3. Then place all kernels, initrds, and the /boot/map file in this partition. With LBA32 addressing, there should be no problem with this partition placed anywhere on the disk.

09 Mar 2006 08:20 ukfreakster

i/o error
hey i admitt im a total noob when it comes to lilo, i used a partition manager from pcformats(uK) newest dvd issue running from lilo, cant remember the name of it for th life of me because im in work and cant get on my o/s to look at the disk again, basically all i done was format my hdisk from ntsf to fat32 to install win98 from win xp, all went succesfully and i shutdown the prog , wouldnt go further than ran out of threads when shutting down so need to shutdown with power button, loaded back up and recieved i/o error please replace system disk, when no boot disk is present. it works fine with other boot disks i installed windows 98 succesfully but it wont let me past the i/o error to let me onto windows, any help plz guys ive been at this for days to no success

20 Jul 2005 19:16 johncoffman

Re: Disabling init=1 ?
LILO has three password options: bypass, restricted, and mandatory.

A mandatory password requires the user to ALWAYS enter a password before booting is allowed. A restricted password allows booting with no password, as long as no kernel parameters are passed (such as the above). If kernel parameters are specified, then LILO will require the entering of a password before booting can proceed. Password protection may be global, or per descriptor (boot item selector). See the man pages for lilo.conf for more information.


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