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12 Oct 2000 06:07 oktavian

>1024 isn't that new
If you look up the changelog you will see lilo can handle big HDs since Version 21-3. This was 24-FEB-2000, nearly 8 month ago. Okay, I did not see this, too, but others did, so the low rating is okay, the changes are only marginal.

11 Oct 2000 01:36 danielwebb

This upgrade just saved my hide! I installed Windows in the upper 10G of a 20G drive, and after reinstalled Lilo, I was stuck. The upgrade worked fine and now I can boot both systems again.

10 Oct 2000 11:22 startx

Graphical Interface
It isn't posted on Freshmeat yet, and the main download site doesn't have it, but the alternate download has version 21.6 and it has a graphical interface in response to the earlier comment posted above.

05 Oct 2000 17:42 jonathor

Graphical Lilo
I have noticed that some Linux Distributions are starting to add a graphical component to lilo (VGA mode). I have particularly noticed this on Redhat 7 and Corel Linux.

It would be great if such a feature could be introduced to the mainstream distribution of Lilo, in the form of a patch, OR directly embedded into the current code.

19 Jul 2000 10:01 madmatt

Compilation problems
Has anyone gotten this 21.5 version to compile? Every as86-related line throws up errors, (I have bin86-0.4), but after I re-tried 3 or 4 times, (very "DOS" of me!), it seemed to work, but my machine now won't boot properly, and throws up "Unexpected EOF" errors. Any ideas chaps?

16 May 2000 22:49 ironwolve

Didnt work for me, P233 with Newest Br. Bios upgrade on 30gig.
Suppose its time to upgrade the linux box to a celery.

11 May 2000 17:31 thedude013

LILO 21.4.3
The new LILO works great and I can dualboot off of my 12.5 gig hard drive with linux being starting at the 10th gig. This definitely should have gotten a higher urgency rating because now I can boot in 5 seconds instead of 5 minutes.

04 May 2000 12:07 cworley

new Lilo LBA32 doesn't work for me
Don't get your hopes up too high... the new "LBA32" lilo additions still don't allow me to boot off my 10GB HD... I'm still using a floppy.

26 Apr 2000 18:15 loftwyr

Low Importance?
I can't believe this was rated low. After all this time we finally don't have to partition our drives like lunatics to boot our >1024 cylinder drives!

Every Linux owner should down load this now and post a thank you note.

Thatk you thank you thank you thank you.

26 Apr 2000 12:21 suso

1024 cylinder limit
FINALLY!! The 1024 cylinder limit has been broken. At least on post-1998 motherboards. But still, it's one giant leap for linuxkind. Well done fellas.


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