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08 Mar 2000 00:50 jandrese

How to use licq under FreeBSD
Compiling licq for FreeBSD is not a task for the faint of heart, however it can be done (fortunatly there is a port for a reasonably current version (0.75.3a), however there are some conditions.

The easiest way is to upgrade to FreeBSD 4.0 and use the port, this should work although I have not tried it. There is a package you can use as well.

If you are still using 3.x for whatever reason, do not give up hope, there is a way to compile this beast. First you have to upgrade to 3.x-STABLE, this is a simple package available at which will upgrade your version of libc_r (and allow you to use the port). Next you need to check the symlink in /usr/lib to be sure points to Finally, you have to upgrade /usr/include/pthread.h to take advantage of the new threaded c library. Look on the CVS repository for the current version. With these upgrades in place you should be able to use the port to compile licq.

A couple of caveats:
1. I fully recommend that you upgrade to 4.0 rather than hodge-podge upgrade your 3.x system.
2. licq will dump core whenever you drop off line or start it while you are not online. Hopefully this is fixed in later versions.
3. Even if you upgrade your 3.x system as stated above, you cannot use the package to install licq as the package is compiled against a newer version of libc than is available in 3.x.

All said, good luck running licq under FreeBSD.

19 Dec 1999 15:17 googleman

'Tis about time
It's about time you came out with a new version. When are you going to get multi-party chat going?

15 Dec 1999 21:50 hexed

Hello. Just like to let you all know that I failed trying to compile/install LICQ. I think I'm pretty dumb now. I just can't get the damned QT thing to work.

28 Nov 1999 05:42 magmatrix

v0.71 - niiiice!
I just upgraded from 0.61 to 0.71, and I reeeally like it!
but.. what does the "URGENT" checkbox do??

Some minor annoying things I noted:
- I like the history being split in parts... but, wouldn't it be better to split them per session instead of just 20 messages per part? ...
- The history window now starts at the top message (oldest message) instead of the bottom (new message).. why? I have to scroll all the time when I need some context...
- The sound is set to ~/wavs/* by default, but the sounds are installed into /usr/local/share/sounds/icq/... so Licq is silent by default...


16 Sep 1999 02:36 descartes42

licq-0.70 & slackware 4.0
I get an error in building qt-gui-0.66.1 as follows :

In file included from /usr/local/qt/include/qpixmap.h:33,
from /usr/local/qt/include/qiconset.h:29,
from /usr/local/qt/include/qtabwidget.h:31,
from icqfunctions.h:10,
from icqfunctions.cpp:14:
/usr/local/qt/include/qnamespace.h:40: syntax error before `&'
/usr/local/qt/include/qnamespace.h:41: syntax error before `&'
/usr/local/qt/include/qnamespace.h:42: syntax error before `&'


This with qt-2.00 installed.

licq 0.61 is great though. I'll never go back to JavaICQ. The only thing I miss is multiparty chat.

21 Aug 1999 15:28 drakelx

Licq 0.61 Problems --> 0.70h
To all you folks having probs with the "stable" release 0.61 ... even though qt-2.0.1, compiled with gcc 2.95, the thing didn't work out.

The developement release 0.70h is the way to go. Should work out then.

Nice prog, BTW. ;-)

29 Jul 1999 13:58 AHinMaine

Licq 0.70g
Just installed it, went great. that qt-2.0.1 src rpm worked slick. Of course, all the kde stuff is broken now, but fortunately I'm a Window Maker guy so fixing it is low priority (i really only had it in so that I could try the occasional kde app anyway).

27 Jul 1999 13:47 AHinMaine

Re: Style issues
In a way, you're agreeing with me:
"I've not set up a mime type for MIDI or WAV within Netscape..."
It would be nice if the option was available for you to configure, or not. That's all I'm saying...

As far the naughty sound file, that's your own fault...

26 Jul 1999 10:40 ptolemy

Style issues
It's not really an issue of bandwidth, more an issue of style. I've not set up a mime type for MIDI or WAV within Netscape because I find those embedded sounds obtrusive. My feeling on ICQ sound files to be analagous. I simply don't want anyone to passively or actively send sound files to my speakers.

Or has no one else experienced the absolute joy of someone sending a naughty sound file to your speaker while you're at work? At the very least given instead of received.

26 Jul 1999 08:34 AHinMaine

Re: LICQ Sound
Yeah, those 20k sound bytes are a real bummer... I guess some of us have b/w to waste... :)


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