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libxspf (formerly called libSpiff) is a C++ library for reading and writing XSPF playlists. Both version 0 and 1 are supported. It is the official reference implementation for XSPF of the Xiph.Org Foundation.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Mar 2009 00:47

    Release Notes: This release features build system changes and fixes, as well as an extension for the C bindings for parsing XSPF from a block of memory. This release is both source- and binary-compatible.

    •  22 Feb 2009 10:55

      Release Notes: libSpiff was renamed to libxspf. The build system has improved and generation of Qt Assistant-friendly documentation has been added. The source code was moved from Subversion to Git.

      •  21 Sep 2008 23:50

        Release Notes: Besides bugfixes and cleanups, this release mainly features a redesigned XSPF writing API and malicious XML detection la billion laughs. The writing API in previous releases was unnecessarily ugly; it should be better now. Malicious XML detection should be of greatest interest to people using libSpiff in Web services. More about its internals and configuration can be found in the API documentation.

        •  08 Sep 2008 17:34

          Release Notes: This release fully implements the error model introduced in 1.0.0rc1. libSpiff has been a very strict parser from the beginning; too strict for real world XSPF files. In a recent test on about 650 XSPF files from the Internet, only 47% held valid XSPF content. With this version's support for error skipping, you can now read 73% of these files, mainly leaving only files with errors on the XML level out. Still, when needed, libSpiff can act as a validator as strict as before. Please note this release is neither source- nor binary-compatible.

          •  01 Sep 2008 20:16

            Release Notes: This release fixes the broken XML Base implementation introduced in libSpiff 0.8.4. Besides general cleanup, it also introduces the base for a new error-handling model. libSpiff is now at a point of feature completion. Please note that this release is neither source nor binary compatible with libSpiff 0.8.4.


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