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Libwww is a general-purpose Web API provided by W3C written in C for Unix and Windows (Win32). With a highly extensible and layered API, it can accommodate many different types of applications including robots, GUI apps, automated tools, etc. The goal of libwww is to provide an environment for experimenting with Web applications, cool extensions and new features. It contains modules for handling HTTP, HTML, URIs and for many other parts of the Web. Libwww is highly focused on performance, modularity, and extensibility.


Recent releases

  •  20 Mar 2001 06:45

    Release Notes: This release includes enhancements in the RDF parser and many bugfixes, mainly in the cache, chunk and hash modules. Some memory leaks and compiler warnings were fixed. The HTResponse object now returns the HTTP reason.

    •  16 Apr 1999 09:11

      Release Notes: Split up the Unix library into many small libraries, HTML/4 in libwww HTML parser, HTTP redirections in libwww robot, HTTP cookies, better handling of adding new header fields to HTTP requests, HTTP/1.1 Upgrade header, new SSL transport although this code is not part of the libwww distribution because of US export restrictions.

      •  25 Feb 1999 05:09

        Release Notes: Support for Expat XML parser, client side Digest Authentication, tiny web browser based on libwww, complete MSVC makefiles for all sample apps and core.


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