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LibVNCServer is a library that makes it easy to make a VNC server. All you do is provide a frame buffer and some I/O functions, and call a function each time the frame buffer changes. It supports all encodings known, including tight, zlib, ZRLE, and cursor encodings. It also includes the HTTP server from Xvnc, so you can start a java viewer by surfing to http://my.vnc.server:5801 or similar. It includes a beta version of LibVNCClient, which makes it easy to make a VNC client. Also included is LinuxVNC, which is to the Linux console as WinVNC is to the Windows desktop.


Recent releases

  •  04 May 2012 18:39

    Release Notes: This release boasts a load of bugfixes and new features: It adds noVNC, an HTML5 VNC viewer as a connection option to the HTTP server. This is pure JavaScript, with no Java plugin required (but needs a recent browser). It adds a GTK+ VNC viewer example, support to build for Google Android, and complete IPv6 support in both LibVNCServer and LibVNCClient.

    •  30 Mar 2011 12:55

      Release Notes: The most prominent features of this release are full thread safety for LibVNCServer and a ton of new features for LibVNCClient.

      •  31 Jan 2009 06:41

        Release Notes: Support for ZYWRLE encoding, a wavelet based enhancement to the ZRLE encoding, support for CMake, and bugfixes and configure improvements.

        •  28 May 2007 18:23

          Release Notes: The x11vnc source code is no longer included in the package.

          •  13 Apr 2007 20:07

            Release Notes: This release can be built and deployed as a shared library. The hooks GotCursorShape and GotCopyRect have been added to libvncclient.


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