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Libvirt is a library for management of virtualized operating systems. Initially supporting the Xen hypervisor, it provides a generic driver backend to allow implementations for management of arbitrary hypervisors (QEMU, UML, etc). The library aims to provide a long term stable API to isolate applications from instability in the APIs of the underlying virtualization technology. The core library API is written in C, with bindings for Python and a command line tool for shell scripting also provided. The library allows either full read-write access to the hypervisor, or for unprivileged use a secure read-only channel (eg for monitoring).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Dec 2007 06:25

    Release Notes: This release added pluggable authentication via SASL on the remote management service. PolicyKit authentication was added for local access. Portability enhancements allow builds on Windows cygwin/mingw. CD-ROM media change support was added in QEMU and KVM. The APIs for querying NUMA topology were enahnced. Numerous code cleanups, portability fixes, and bugfixes were made, and test coverage was improved.

    •  29 Aug 2007 23:52

      Release Notes: Migration support for Xen. Save and restore support for KVM. APIs for querying disk and network interface statistics. Performance improvements for looking up Xen domains. Miscellaneous other small bugfixes and feature enhancements.

      •  11 Jul 2007 12:47

        Release Notes: Support for secure remote access to nodes was added. Many bugfixes and documentation improvements were made.

        •  22 Feb 2007 22:24

          Release Notes: This release adds support for managing guests with the QEmu and KVM virtualization platforms. It adds support for managing network configuration. It improves regression testing, updates localization strings, and has minor fixes in command line argument parsing.

          •  23 Jan 2007 11:35

            Release Notes: This release finishes support for managing XM config files in Xen <= 3.0.3. Minor bugfixes were included for inactive domains managed in Xen >= 3.0.4. A major memory leak was resolved in the internal virConf object used in managing guests in Xen <= 3.0.3. A formal Relax-NG schema is now included to allow validation of XML files describing virtual machines.


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