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libusbx is a library which provides generic access to USB devices. As a library, it is meant to facilitate the development of applications which communicate with USB hardware. Its main features are portability (a single cross-platform API for Linux, OS X, Windows, and *BSD), user-mode (no special privileges required), and USB version-agnosticism (all versions of the protocol supported, including USB 3.0).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Jan 2014 01:27

    Release Notes: This release marks the merging of libusbx back into the libusb project, and will be the final release of libusbx. You are therefore invited to migrate to libusb as soon as possible. Other changes include fixing of some memory leaks, improvement of Android and ucLinux support, and multiple Windows and OS X fixes and improvements.

    •  06 Sep 2013 11:13

      Release Notes: This is mostly a bugfix release which addresses issues with contexts for hotplug callbacks, crashes on unplugging for OS X, a build failure with udev disabled, and a possible deadlock on Linux. This release also updates Android and OpenBSD support and adds Xcode project files for OS X.

      •  11 Jul 2013 21:40

        Release Notes: This releases adds hotplug support for Linux and OS X, auto-detach on Linux, and USB 3.0 descriptor support and strerror for all platforms. It also improves logging, zero-packet handling, topology, and descriptor parsing, and adds many bugfixes. Note that the libusb and libusbx projects are planning to merge back together, so the next release of libusbx is likely to occur under the libusb name.

        •  16 Apr 2013 00:19

          Release Notes: This release improved transfer cancellation, added Cypress FX3 support for the fxload sample, added library stress tests, added kernel driver detach capabilities and HID support detection, improved event handling on Linux, added SuperSpeed detection on OS X, and added WinCE and VS2012 support for Windows. bInterval value interpretation on OS X was fixed along with issues with autoclaim, composite HID, and early abort for libusb_close() on Windows.

          •  20 Sep 2012 21:55

            Release Notes: This release fixes major timeout-related bugs and broken support for the libusb-compat layer. It fixes a typo in the configuration descriptor structure, where MaxPower was used instead of bMaxPower, as per the USB specs. Support for the libusb-win32 and libusbK generic USB drivers has been added on Windows, and a new fxload sample, for Cypress FX/FX2 devices, has been introduced.


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