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Libsmbios is a cross-platform library intended to be used to obtain common information available in a BIOS. Major features include the ability to update the BIOS on Dell systems (in conjunction with the Dell RBU Linux kernel driver), programmatic access to information in SMBIOS tables, and the ability to obtain Dell system-specific information such as the Dell System ID number, service tag, and asset tag. Future plans include APIs for $PIR and mptable mapping. There is a C API for some of the more commonly used functions, and example binaries to show off most of the facilities.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Jun 2006 20:00

    Release Notes: Default compile options have been changed from -Os back to -O2, as they were hitting an apparent GCC miscompile bug. GCC 4.1 support has been added. All new warnings from GCC 4.1 have been fixed. Precompiled RPMs for FC5 have been added to the yum repository.

    •  24 Feb 2006 19:25

      Release Notes: A fix for the dell_rbu Linux kernel module API change in 2.6.16 that has been backported to several vendor kernels, such as the FC4 2.6.15 kernel. The dellBiosUpdate executable fails on these kernels because it cannot find the dell_rbu driver. A new binary dellLcdBrightness has been added that can be used to set the brightness on most recent Dell Laptops.

      •  17 Jan 2006 08:27

        Release Notes: dellBiosUpdate command line parsing now has better validation and better error messages for invalid usage. A much improved extract_hdr program that can extract BIOS images from several new types of BIOS executables was provided. It can optionally use wine (if available) to extract some BIOS images that were previously unavailable. A overhaul of the C++ API was started to simplify the class interface and move some member functions to non-member functions. The C API remains stable and backwards/forwards compatible.

        •  21 Oct 2005 17:04

          Release Notes: This release has a workaround for an internal compiler error on MS VC++ 6.

          •  20 Oct 2005 18:06

            Release Notes: RPM Spec file improvements: this release autodetects xerces and doxygen, and enables/disables subrpms appropriately. VC.NET 2003 is now a fully supported compiler. Diagnostic output for certain BIOS bugs on older systems has been removed; these bugs have workarounds in the code. Support has been added for the service/asset tag on older Dell Optiplex systems.


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