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libsigrok is a shared C library that provides basic hardware access drivers for logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, MSOs, multimeters, dataloggers, and more. It also provides input/output file format support.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 May 2014 12:30

    Release Notes: Supports the new devices ChronoVu LA16, Sysclk LWLA1034, Agilent DSO1000 series, Hameg HMO compact series, Rigol DS2000 series, Rigol VS5000 series, BBC Goerz Metrawatt M2110, Brymen BM869, Fluke 189, Gossen Metrawatt MetraHIT 1x/2x series, Tenma 72-7745/72-7750 (a.k.a UNI-T UT60E/UT60G), UNI-T UT60G/UT61B/UT61C, V&A VA40B, Voltcraft M-3650CR/ME-42, APPA 55II, Atten PPS3000 series, and Conrad DIGI 35 CPU. Adds support for channel groups. Adds an SCPI backend with serial, USBTMC, TCP, VXI, and librevisa backends. Adds a new session file format. Various bugfixes in the backend code and drivers.

    •  07 May 2014 12:25

      Release Notes: Supports the new devices Saleae Logic16, Center 309, UNI-T UT325, Voltcraft K204, ISOTECH IDM103N, Metex M-4650CR, Norma DM950, Voltcraft M-4650CR, and EDF Teleinfo. Supports a new CSV input module. Various bugs in the hardware drivers and backend code were fixed.

      •  12 Aug 2013 12:13

        Release Notes: Supports for two new logic analyzers (IKALOGIC Scanalogic-2, IKALOGIC ScanaPLUS), two new sound level meters (CEM DT-8852, Kecheng KC-330B), and four new multimeters (UNI-T UT60A, UNI-T UT60E, Voltcraft M-3650D, Voltcraft VC-830). Various bugs in hardware drivers and backend code were fixed.

        •  08 May 2013 16:32

          Release Notes: This release adds support for CWAV USBee DX, ZEROPLUS LAP-16128U, Hantek DSO-2090, Rigol DS1052D/E and DS1102D/E, Agilent U1231A/U1232A/U1233A, Brymen BM857, Digitek DT4000ZC, Fluke 187/189/287/289, Fluke ScopeMeter 199B, MASTECH MAS345, Metex ME-31/M-3640D, PCE PCE-DM32, PeakTech 3410/4370, RadioShack 22-168/22-805/22-812, Tecpel DMM-8060/DMM-8061, TekPower TP4000ZC, UNI-T UT61D/UT61E, V&A VA18B, Victor 70C/86C, Voltcraft VC-820/VC-840, Colead SL-5868P, Tondaj SL-814, Lascar EL-USB/EL-USB CO, and MIC 98581/98583, the new output formats "analog", the new input formats "vcd" and "wav", and numerous portability and bug fixes.

          •  01 Jun 2012 12:33

            Release Notes: New logic analyzers are supported: ASIX SIGMA2, ARMFLY AX-Pro, Braintechnology USB-LPS, EE Electronics ESLA201A, USBee AX, USBee SX, Lcsoft Mini Board, and Braintechnology USB Interface V2.x. A segfault in the ZEROPLUS Logic Cube LAP-C driver was fixed. The zlib dependency has been removed. Compilation with "Homebrew" on Mac OS X was fixed. The firmware file search path has changed. ChronoVu LA8 input file format detection was fixed.


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