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libscgi is a library offering a useful API for SCGI client programs written in C. The library additionally comes with a small SCGI server used for relying the incoming connections from the HTTP server to the client application. It allows writting SCGI based persistent Web applications in C. It is part of ASNlibs.


Recent releases

  •  28 May 2011 19:10

    Release Notes: Changes were made in the overall libscgi API, breaking backwards compatibility with earlier versions. A new MIME multipart handling mechanism based on callback functions was introduced, allowing for better large file support. Some bugs and memory leaks have also been fixed.

    •  28 May 2011 19:08

      Release Notes: libscgi handling urlencoded on some browsers was fixed. Also, MIME handling was fixed and minor cleanups were applied to the code.

      •  05 Feb 2009 15:15

        Release Notes: Support for multi-request handling was added in scgiserver. The server will now spawn additional children for handling multiple requests at a time. A minor bug with handling keys without values has also been fixed. libscgi will now safely ignore such cases instead of bailing out with an error.

        •  30 Dec 2008 19:14

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


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