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The LibPKI Project is aimed to provide an easy-to-use PKI library for PKI-enabled application development. The library provides the developer with all the needed functionality to manage certificates, from generation to validation. It helps developers integrate X509 digital certificates into their applications, and implement complex cryptographic operations with a few simple function calls using a high-level cryptographic API. The library constitutes the core of other OpenCA Labs Projects like the PRQP Server, the OCSP Responder, and the OpenCA-NG PKI.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 May 2014 23:15

    Release Notes: Changes mostly involve HTTP messages bugfixes: an X.509 object signing fix and performance enhancements (reached 460+ signatures in software only configuration). This update is highly recommended.

    •  06 Aug 2013 22:05

      Release Notes: Improvements over the last publicly available release (0.6.7) include fixing of various memory leaks in BIO handling and in OCSP responses signing, adding new errors for better logging of token issues, adding SOCK_DGRAM in PKI_NET_* interface, and a fixed OCSP interface for response building.

      •  18 Feb 2012 14:07

        Release Notes: Improvements over the last publicly released version (0.6.5) include fixed generation of OCSP responses (an uninitialized field was causing OCSP responses to be invalid), support for DNS queries via the URL interface (dns://?), and initial support for experimental Lightweight Internet Revokation Tokens (LIRTs).

        •  11 Feb 2011 23:28

          Release Notes: This release has extended support for ECDSA (via profile/keyParams in profile configuration files). It fixes linker issues on Solaris, adds a pki-cert command line tool, and fixes the ocsp library code.

          •  17 Nov 2010 23:21

            Release Notes: Support for IPv6 in network calls, fixes for URL parsing, and PKI_SSL_* interface enhancements.


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