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liboping is a C library for measuring network latency using ICMP echo requests. It can send to and receive packets from multiple hosts in parallel, which is nice for monitoring applications. Both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported transparently for the programmer and user. A program called oping is included to show the simplicity and potential of the library and provide the functionality at the command line.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Mar 2011 20:58

    Release Notes: Compiler warnings have been fixed. Compatibility with ncurses 5.8 has been added to the "noping" application. If installing as root, required privileges are now automatically assigned to the binaries.

    •  26 Jan 2011 09:45

      Release Notes: The accuracy of timing Information has been improved on systems that provide the SO_TIMESTAMP socket option.

      •  18 Nov 2010 07:54

        Release Notes: An alias for the "Voice Admit" PHB (RFC 5865) has been added to the QoS option of oping. Compiler errors have been fixed and outdated documentation has been updated.

        •  29 Oct 2010 07:53

          Release Notes: The ability to set the Quality of Service (QoS) byte of outgoing packets and read the QoS byte of incoming packets has been added the library. Support for this feature has been added to the oping and noping command line utilities. The license of the library has been changed to LGPL 2.1.

          •  14 Jun 2010 06:51

            Release Notes: A new ncurses-based front-end to liboping, called noping, has been added. The new command line application displays ping statistics "live" and highlights aberrant round-trip times.


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