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Liboop provides a generic, callback-based event dispatch interface, and aims to ease the development of multiplexed, non-blocking, event-driven modular applications, components, and libraries under POSIX-based operating systems. It includes adapters for select(), poll(), the glib event loop, the TCL event loop, the W3C libwww, asynchronous DNS, and GNU readline.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Oct 2003 16:59

    Release Notes: The build is little more robust now, and you can enable and disable specific adapters in the configure script. The ADNS adapter returns error messages. The GLib adapter works with GLib 2. There's a new oop_sys_run_once() function, so you can poll an event source.

    •  10 Apr 2003 00:11

      Release Notes: A memory leak when creating and destroying the system event source was fixed, the robustness of signal handling is improved, and some minor portability problems were fixed.

      •  18 Sep 2001 23:58

        Release Notes: An event source adapter for the TCL event loop (this also supports, e.g., Python programs using Tkinter.)

        •  08 Oct 2000 07:57

          Release Notes: This release includes an adapter for GNU Readline.

          •  06 Sep 1999 12:18

            Release Notes: Version 0.4 fixes bugs and adds a sink adapter for the W3C libwww and a source adapter for GLib (and thus GTK+).


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