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GNU libmicrohttpd is a small C library for embedding HTTP server functionality into other applications. It is reentrant, fast, supports HTTP 1.1, and permits listening on multiple ports. The API is simple and still powerful enough to allow programmers to use the entire HTTP feature set. SSL/TLS support is available as an option.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Jun 2014 22:15

    Release Notes: This release fixes a minor regression in terms of API compatibility with respect to URI escaping (reverting the behavior to pre-0.9.35 except for correcing the escaping of '+'). The patch for #3392 (HTTPS connection reset handling) is now applied correctly.

    •  25 May 2014 18:25

      Release Notes: This release fixes generation of an extra CRLF for certain 0-byte responses. Also, a problem with the request completed callback being invoked twice under certain circumstances was resolved. The GnuTLS header check is now aware of cross-compilation. Finally, some linker issues on W32 were fixed.

      •  02 May 2014 18:54

        Release Notes: Adds MHD_OPTION_HTTPS_MEM_DHPARAMS to allow applications to enable perfect forward secrecy. Increases FD_SETSIZE and use of native mutex on W32; makes various improvements to the build system (updated macros, new configure options). Improved header compatibility with MSVC. Adds an MHD_is_feature_supported() function to allow the applications to test for enabled features. Removes unescaping in the URI path to better comply with the specification ("+" in the path is no longer converted to a space). Fixes looping issue in handling HTTPS connection resets. Switches to the OpenSSL cipher list "HIGH" in libmicrospdy.

        •  24 Feb 2014 22:55

          Release Notes: This release removes the dependency on Plibc for W32 and makes various other improvements to the W32 build process. IPv4/IPv6 dual stack should now also work on W32. On Linux, support for TCP FASTOPEN was added. Keep-Alive with HTTP 1.0 is now supported if explicitly requested by the client. The release also adds explicit annotations to hide non-exported symbols and provides various other minor code cleanups.

          •  21 Dec 2013 16:35

            Release Notes: This release adds support for SNI (multiple domain names on one IP with TLS). A few minor bugs were fixed, including a build issue (if SSL was disabled), a bogus offset calculation (when used with sendfile), a descriptor leak on shutdown (in conjunction with the resume/suspend feature), and a missing argument in an example.


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