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LibLZF is a very small, self-contained library that can be incorporated into applications where data compression would be nice but speed is more important. It can be used to add data compression in a painless way to any program. Likewise, a small and self-contained perl interface is available via CPAN (Compress::LZF).


Recent releases

  •  30 Nov 2007 15:06

    Release Notes: The license has been changed to a two-clause BSD license with the option to switch to GPL version 2 or any later version. The compression speed has been increased considerably, and the user can now chose between roughly the same speed as fastlz with a better compression ratio, or a faster speed than fastlz at a slightly worse compression ratio. The lzf utility has been improved to act much more like other similar utilities (e.g. gzip).

    •  21 Apr 2002 08:49

      Release Notes: This release is now independent of autoconfig, and includes a few bugfixes and speed improvements.


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