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Liblouis is a Braille translator and back-translator. It features support for computer and literary braille, supports contracted and uncontracted translation for very many languages, and has support for hyphenation. New languages can be added easily through tables that support a rule based or dictionary based approach. It also includes tools for testing and debugging tables. Liblouis also supports math Braille (Nemeth and Marburg). The formatting of Braille is provided by the companion project liblouisxml. Liblouis has features to support screen-reading programs.

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Recent releases

  •  21 Jun 2013 13:37

    Release Notes: Aside from the many new braille tables and improvements to the existing tables, there are quite a few bugfixes in the translator itself.

    •  18 Dec 2012 10:59

      Release Notes: While initially planned as mainly a bugfix release this release contains some notable new features. There is a new tool to trace which rules have been used to perform a translation. Along with other new tables, the long awaited table for UEB is finally here.

      •  10 Sep 2012 10:42

        Release Notes: This release contains a tremendous amount of work by many developers. Many long standing bugs have been fixed. The tables can finally be in UTF-8. A grand table cleanup removed duplication from the tables. There are now two extensive test frameworks for table writers. A number of new tables have been contributed on top of the usual assortment of table improvements. Thanks to all of this, liblouis has already seen quite a bit of uptake in a number of places; notably, the DAISY pipeline will ship with this release of liblouis.

        •  23 Feb 2012 08:13

          Release Notes: This release features new tables for Czech hyphenation, Spanish grade 1, Tamil, and generic Farsi grade 1. It also has improvements to the Braille tables for Portuguese grade 1, Icelandic 8-dot, uncontracted Spanish computer braille, Norwegian, French comp6 and comp8 Braille, Romanian, Generic Arabic Grade 1, and Czech. An Emacs mode for editing Braille table files was added.

          •  09 May 2011 07:23

            Release Notes: This release contains the usual assortment of bug fixes. It also contains many more Braille tables. For example, there are now tables for Swedish, Sorani, Ethiopic, Serbian, many Indian languages, Icelandic, Catalan, Dutch, and for Flemish Braille Math Code.


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