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libkarma is a C library for managing the Rio Karma via TCP/IP. It supports all basic protocol commands and some advanced functions on top of these, like caching of the Rio database. There are two proof-of-concept tools included, riocp and chprop. riocp can be used to upload files to the Karma.


Recent releases

  •  06 Jun 2009 18:30

    Release Notes: DESTDIR/PREFIX is used instead of DEST in the Makefile. Bugs were fixed in rio_rw.c with create_temp_file and update_props_from_tags (LAN). karmaLan.c, karmaUsb.c, and riocp.c were adapted to a karma_delete_file change. lk_properties_del_property() was added into lk_karmaXXX_delete_file(). A HAL fdi file was added.

    •  18 May 2007 21:51

      Release Notes: This release fixes two resource leaks and some smaller bugs. libkarma can be built on OS X properly now. Trailing whitespaces in music tags will be trimmed for the rio db. The signature of the function lk_properties_cache_obsolete() was changed.

      •  11 Nov 2006 23:04

        Release Notes: This release contains many bugfixes. libkarma saves the original filename of the uploaded files to the Rio Karma now.

        •  11 Aug 2006 22:10

          Release Notes: This release adds some regression tests, code cleanup, bugfixes, and a Mono interface.

          •  27 Apr 2006 14:13

            Release Notes: The Rio Karma can be accessed with omfs over USB, so there's now support for USB in libkarma as well. lk was made quite a bit faster and uses the taglib library instead of libraries specific to individual file formats.


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