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LibIrcClient-Qt is a cross-platform IRC client library written with Qt 4. LibIrcClient-Qt started as a thin Qt wrapper for libircclient, but it has grown independent of libircclient. It optionally supports encoding detection with ICU.

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Recent releases

  •  05 Nov 2010 18:35

    Release Notes: Irc::Session API additions: addBuffer() and buffers() for buffer management; and a welcomed() signal, emitted when 001 is received. IRC capability support. IDENTIFY-MSG capability. A fix for "icu.pri: Unescaped backslashes are deprecated". Removes the buffer upon parting a channel. A fix for Session::raw()'s check of written bytes. An incorrect buffer is no longer created when StripNicks is off and EchoMessages. Improved building on Mac OS. A difference between frameworks and standard dylibs (depending on Qt's installation style). Sets INSTALL_NAME correctly.

    •  03 Jul 2010 17:42

      Release Notes: Support was added for static builds (qmake -config static). The qmake project messages were fixed to output only once. MOC_DIR was fixed in release mode. Default MacPorts paths were added for ICU. Notices and messages from "real host" vs. "connected host" were fixed to get directed to the same buffer. CTCP requests were fixed so as not to create a new buffer.

      •  09 May 2010 16:31

        Release Notes: This release introduces Irc::Buffer, the concept of server/channel/query specific buffers. Buffer-specific functionality in Irc::Session has been deprecated. Tabs no longer caused underlined text. A version number has been added to the library. Irc::Rfc::toString() has been added. euIRC connection problems have been fixed.

        •  30 Aug 2009 17:31

          Release Notes: This release fixes problems with "unknown" messages. It fixes Irc::Session::connectSlotsByName() to not try to establish a connection when the parameter types don't match. There are code improvements.

          •  12 Apr 2009 10:34

            Release Notes: Compilation on Mac OS was fixed. Irc::Session::connected() and disconnected() were fixed to be emitted correctly. Irc::Session::connectSlotsByName() was fixed not to establish multiple connections when a slot exists multiple times. Irc::Session::cmdMessage(), cmdNotice(), and cmdCtcpAction() now emit their own messages, notices, and actions. This simplifies client implementation. Work was started on auto tests. Code coverage support was added. A workaround was added for older Qt versions that don't have the QT_FORWARD_DECLARE_CLASS() macro defined.


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