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28 Apr 2000 08:53 andreasschiffler

What other people are saying about libgaudio
Thanks for releasing your code. It made my job much easier!
--- Nathan Doss

I read about libgaudio, and it looks quite interesting. But I see you release in GPL, so no commercial game may use it. I think it is a pity, since Linux really needs some quality commercial game. This is not for myself (I am designing a GPL game, so I could use it), but I think that your product would be more useful to Linux community in Lesser GPL or Library GPL.
--- Amedeo Storni

I was playing with your gaudio library some more and have made many improvements. I tried hard to keep from adding too much (I really like the simplicity of the library) but there were a few basic features that I needed.
--- Karl Robillard


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