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libdaemon is a lightweight C library that eases the process of writing UNIX daemons. It contains a daemonizing fork() wrapper, a powerful syslog() wrapper, PID file management, and signal serialization.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Jul 2007 18:26

    Release Notes: This release makes daemon_close_all() actually work properly.

    •  22 Jun 2007 18:11

      Release Notes: This release will automatically detect whether lynx is installed. It properly sets errno on every error condition. The function daemon_close_all() has been added to close all open file descriptors except a given set. daemon_logv() has been added, which is identical to daemon_log(), but takes a va_list argument. daemon_execv() has been added in similar style. There are other fixes.

      •  24 Nov 2005 14:49

        Release Notes: Logging was made compatible with daemons running in a chroot() environment.

        •  18 Nov 2005 21:54

          Release Notes: Ported to FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Darwin, Solaris, and Cygwin. Some minor header file cleanups. The access mode of PID files has been fixed. There are other cleanups, and the license has changed from the GPL to the LGPL.

          •  04 Jun 2005 22:04

            Release Notes: Proper PID file locking is now done. The documentation was updated.

            Recent comments

            10 Aug 2010 14:37 debosvi


            I would like to have the possibility to build one binary which can start several times the same daemon but perform different work.
            The difference can be made with an argument at the daemon start.

            Today the function 'daemon_pid_file_proc' is responsible to build a unique pid for a unique daemon instance.

            What do you think about my request??
            Is it better to do so in renaming the binary to as many as different works/instances??

            Thank you for next answer.


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