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02 Feb 2010 18:07 marcbalcells

Hello, I found a small problem in libconfig.spec file.
In lines 70 and 71 it should be "examples" instead of "samples"

21 Dec 2009 21:40 cuzdav

(1.4) readString crashes due to double cleanup of memory. I couldn't use the feedback form on the project homepage because it's broken: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /scripts/formsender.html on this server.) when I click the submit button.

The culprit is the line in __config_read: if(buffer) libconfig_yy_delete_buffer(buffer, scanner);
... which cleans up an already-cleaned up buffer and segfaults.

15 Dec 2009 17:22 cuzdav

Really nice library. Thanks!

Question1: any plans for the @include directive to expand shell variables? That would be unbelievably useful.

Question2: on migrating from 1.3.2 to 1.4: the C++ lookupValue() function for "long" and "unsigned long" has been removed, and broke code. Was this intentional?

13 Oct 2009 23:19 coolkehon

I'm glad your still working on this project and have fixed the bugs.
I have a request which probably shouldn't take long to add:
in the c++ libconfig class Setting::lookupValue("name",&value);
how come it doesn't lookup the values by path like "name.first" like exist and lookup do
could you add this because it save a lot of time when not having to write try catch blocks

18 Feb 2009 00:33 mesmerism

new version soon
I have a big backlog of patches and updates to roll into the package; I will have an interim release soon that includes bugs and other high-priority changes, with the remaining changes to follow later as time permits.

13 Jul 2005 00:32 mesmerism

Re: No API for modifications?
The API will be extended in a future release to allow modifications.

06 Mar 2005 05:59 fnevgeny

No API for modifications?

There is config_write(), but apparently, no way to modify config settings (except dealing with structure fields directly). Is it by design or just the current (beta) state of the things?


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