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The libcomprex library transparently handles automatic compression and decompression of files and archives located locally, online, or even in other compressed archives. The API is similar to C's built-in file access functions, which provides a smooth transition to libcomprex. libcomprex can also open uncompressed files, making it a good replacement for the native file access functions.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Mar 2003 04:41

    Release Notes: Basic archive writing support, cpio and zip archives, individual file extraction, pkg-config support, gettext support, and a handful of new API functions were added. Fixes were made to permissions, timestamps, and ownerships on extracted files or directories. Bugs were also fixed in the directory iterator, libbz and libbz2 linking, and the ar and tar modules.

    •  02 Jul 2002 12:30

      Release Notes: The directory and file structures were merged into a single structure, and typedefs to the originals were created. File seeking was added in the ar and tar modules. A directory and file iterator interface, out of memory checking, and gettext support were started. Several segfaults and other bugs where the contents of some archives were being reported incorrectly were fixed.

      •  30 May 2002 20:08

        Release Notes: CxFP structures are now used as file pointers, instead of CxFile structures. Files can now be read in-place from most archives without the need for temp files. The archive traversal algorithms have been fixed. The old directory API functions have been removed. Reference counting, file seeking, and position retrieval have been added. Files and archives can now be read from buffers and pre-existing FILE * streams. Several memory leaks and miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.

        •  11 May 2002 05:13

          Release Notes: This release is a complete rewrite. It has a new tar module and ar module, better autoconf 2.53 and automake 1.5 support, directory support, and better transparent archives (where archives can be treated as directories). Modules can now be statically compiled in.

          •  24 Aug 2001 16:07

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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