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building object network databases

BOND (building object network databases) is database development framework for rapidly creating applications. It creates live forms for the Web with AJAX and desktop applications using GTK. Using XML to define widget layouts, it drives the live forms to which SQL statements and methods can be attached.


Recent releases

  •  31 Oct 2007 10:03

    Release Notes: This release is a big improvement over the previous version of bond, and has been long delayed for release. Newer widgets were added, and improvements were made to existing widgets. Timer triggers were added. SQL patches may be run within your application. Support for barcodes and magstrip readers was added. Many bugs were fixed, and other new features were added.

    •  15 Apr 2007 13:27

      Release Notes: The build process was tidied up. Warnings were removed from the compiling process. Support was added for message dialogs. A backup and restore process system was added for databases.

      •  03 Apr 2007 11:59

        Release Notes: A new grid matrix-type widget designed for calendering and spreadsheet type forms was written for displaying and modifying data. A month view calendar widget was added. These two widgets allow for more date and time based development of systems. More work was made on easier integration between bond and MS Office and The GNOME URI widget implementation was fixed. Lots of bugfixes were made in other parts of the code, especially to do with relationships between widgets.

        •  26 Feb 2007 02:33

          Release Notes: The painting and condition handling subsystem has been rewritten. Mail merge capabilities have been added for OpenOffice and MS Office. ifconfig handling has been added within the XML document to allow expressions in the XML of how the document is parsed.

          •  18 Jan 2007 13:52

            Release Notes: This release includes a lot of additions including email support and integration, CSV file import and export, support for barcode readers, storing of images directly within records, window install script building, and config files that are able to modify XML documents. Tutorials were provided within the application. The HTML was tidied up, support for shortcut keys was added, and many bugs were fixed.


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