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libaiml is a C++ AIML intepretor in the form of a static library written from scratch. It will give users the ability to add an AIML interpreting engine to their programs.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Feb 2006 02:21

    Release Notes: A complete internal redesign using an abstract interface. The requirement for expat has been dropped, and libxml2 is used now. The configuration files have been merged into one .xml file. The userlist and user files have been merged into another .xml file. There is support for regular expressions on substitutions. CAIML and JavaScript should be fully usable. There are minor bugfixes.

    •  19 Jan 2006 00:57

      Release Notes: A completely documented public API, some bugfixes, preliminary support for CAIML, several optimizations, greatly improved error reporting, support for XML error reporting, support for loading aiml files on the fly, support for logging of matches (whole path of the match, including srai's), support for JavaScript, and optional support for handling of the 'format' parameter in <date>. File patterns are now used for specifying what aiml files to load. This release has changed to usage of internal binary representation of aiml templates (simplified code and optimized execution).

      •  09 Sep 2005 08:27

        Release Notes: Mostly new features and code cleanups were added. Some bugfixes were made.

        •  20 May 2005 11:16

          Release Notes: This release features a lot of internal changes and some bugfixes. It implements some missing features as well.

          •  07 Apr 2005 05:44

            Release Notes: The main change is the new user system that allows the library to be used from an IRC client (for example). A lot of bugfixes and changes were made. The missing files in the previous version were added.

            Recent comments

            25 Jun 2006 09:36 phreakuencies

            ... that

            Go to my site and download unstable, it fixes various bugs and only that. So it actually is more stable than -stable.

            30 Mar 2005 18:34 phreakuencies

            About 0.1 being broken
            I'm sorry to say that 0.1 won't do much as-it-is

            because it has missing files. I'm about to finish 0.2.

            It will contain all necessary files (I don't know if I

            should include the AAA AIML set).

            The 0.1 version can act as an example of what the

            library looks like (ie: its guts).


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