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libAfterImage is an image import, storage, manipulation, and output library for X. It features support for antialiased, TrueTypei, and X text, a 128-bit internal graphics engine, in-memory RLE image compression, high quality image scaling/flipping/blending, multipoint linear gradients, superior quality image output on X drawables, and much more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Jun 2008 20:52

    Release Notes: This release adds the ability to set the root background to ascompose, effectively replacing Esetroot. It adds color2alpha transformation and a pixelization filter. It adds the ability to ascompose for continuous update of the display, allowing for things like clocks, calendars, monitor bars and so on. It adds functionality for conversion to/from DIBs as produced by Lead tools on Win32. There are numerous bugfixes.

    •  02 Aug 2007 17:59

      Release Notes: New features include image slicing, better support for 32-bit visuals, and proper Gaussian blur with radii up to 128.

      •  08 Jun 2005 18:15

        Release Notes: Image slicing op, better image storage, TGA support, more XML tags, shared memory images, MS windows DIB support, and many bugfixes.

        •  15 Jan 2002 23:09

          Release Notes: This release has portability and compilation bugfixes. A nasty bug causing XImage to be only 1 pixel wide has been fixed. The documentation has been cleaned up.

          •  11 Jan 2002 02:00

            Release Notes: This is a major bugfix release with new hue, saturation, value adjustment, and scientific data handling, and a greatly enhanced XML tool ascompose.


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